What are the Top 10 Language Learning Apps

Americans have turned to language learning apps to expand cultural horizons. Read a helpful guide on the top 10 language learning apps available in 2021.

The U.S has a reputation for refusing to learn any languages other than American English. A 2018 study showed nearly seventy million Americans speak a second language, however. Most of them have also recently turned to language learning apps to expand their cultural and linguistic horizons. Some apps are free, while others are paid services. Available choices are plentiful so some research is required when choosing the best program, platform or app for your needs. Read ahead for a helpful guide on the top 10 language learning apps available in 2021.

Benefits of Learning Another Language

Learning a second language in modern times has multiple benefits but it also an integral part of social and career-based interactions. Diverse and distinctive cultures are interacting with each other more than ever before. Knowing at least one other language with a practical fluidity is extremely helpful and even necessary in certain situations. Socially, it bridges gaps between cultural divides. Career-wise your ability to speak at least one language in addition to English helps increase your hiring chances. 

Learning a second language also benefits your brain. More and more Americans in various age groups are focusing on improving brain function in 2021. Studies by the Dana Foundation show how learning a second language helps children experience early mental benefits. The benefits extend to adults and the elderly as well. Maintaining proper brain function as you get older is a serious concern for U.S. adults today. Taking on the challenge of learning a new language reengages your brain and increase healthy neurological activity.

Top 10 Language Learning Apps for 2021

Paid and free language learning apps are available in 2021. Free programs and apps are available either completely free of charge or through an initial free trial. Paid apps, programs and platforms are available through monthly or annual subscriptions and perpetual licenses (full purchase).

  • Babbel

Babbel is widely considered one of the best paid language learning apps on the market today. Babbel sets its prices in tiers. One, three, six and twelve-month plans are available from $13.95 to $6.95 per month. Mobile and web apps are both available and each helps you learn a new language at your own pace. Babbel includes podcasts for select languages at varying levels of experience. Exercises are interactive and sometimes challenging, as they incorporate real-life phrases, concepts, words, and cultural inflections pursuant to each particular language.

  • Rype

Rype is a language learning marketplace platform where users pay a monthly subscription to access actual tutors. All instructors are vetted by Rype and Rype sets the subscription prices as well. Each instructor does provide his or her own curriculum, teaching style and unique expertise, however. Sessions are conducted via video call. Prices are affordable at $10 per half hour class and are booked in four, six or ten hour packages.

  • Duolingo

Duolingo offers thirty-seven language choices, which is impressive in its own right, let alone as a completely free app. Polish is available as is Navajo and (this is true) even Klingon. Users are not limited to learning one language at a time. This makes Duolingo the perfect app for ambitious students and learners who wish to expand their language and cultural boundaries on a budget. A $7 per month subscription service is also available completely ad-free.

  • Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is perhaps the best known brand name pursuant to learning languages today. This five-star program teaches twenty-three languages at a high level and standard. Rosetta Stone is organized, well-structured and clear to understand. In only a few months students learn basic speech, reading, writing and comprehension basics of their selected language(s). Three and twelve-month plans are $11.99 and $7.99 per month and a lifetime subscription is $179.

  • Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages helps users learn basic greetings and words and phrases for practical real-life applications. The program is perfect for people traveling to another country who want to understand the local language enough to correctly order food, be polite and respect local culture. Pricing ranges from $60 to $180 and each tier from bottom to top includes more hours of lesson time and features. Free trials are offered and every purchase of a Rocket Languages program includes unlimited lifetime access.

  • Lingo Pie

Lingo Pie lets users start for free. The app is primarily designed for intermediate through advanced users. The program works through a TV and movie learning system and includes an excellent interface for these purposes. MSRP is listed at $65 for a total of six languages.

  • Yabla

Yabla starts at $9.95 per month and offers a fifteen-day free trial up front. The program teaches six languages including English and is popular for helping Spanish-speaking natives to improve their English. The learning system is challenging for beginners and is designed primarily for intermediate to advanced users. Similar to Lingo Pie, Yabla uses interactive TV and video learning methods.

  • Memrise

Memrise offers plans starting for free in addition to providing paid services. Monthly, Annual, Quarterly and Lifetime plans are available ranging from $7.50 per month to $139.99 for a permanent license. The program is designed primarily as a study aid but is excellent for what it offers. Memrise also includes lessons on math, economics, science and more.

  • Transparent Language

Transparent Language aims to make learning a new language a pleasant and personal experience. This is quite an accomplishment considering this top-tier platform teaches over one-hundred languages to-date. Learning content varies with each language taught so it is necessary to do some research before purchasing any plans. Pricing is structured in two ways. Pricing plans for one language cost $24.95 per month or $149.95 for a full year. Purchasing the full Transparent Language package, which includes all languages is a great deal for people who travel globally on a regular basis or who want to become multi-lingual. The two full package billing plans cost $49.05 per month or $249.95 for a full year.

  • Pimsleur

Pimsleur is a Simon & Schuster product with top ratings on the market today. The core content in Pimsleur is strong and contains fifty options for languages. Pimsleur includes content for learning English and offers one of the best programs available for listening, comprehending and pronouncing languages. Seven-day free trials are available and paid plans start at $19.95 per month.