Find Quality Pet Food At Affordable Prices

While everyone is vulnerable during a pandemic and associated economic down turn, some of the most vulnerable are our pets.  With strict quarantine rules and the closing or restriction of many businesses, it can be hard enough to ensure that one’s family is properly taken care of. Many people aren’t making a normal paycheck and worry about how to pay monthly bills on time.  Finding the money and resources to ensure your pets are well fed and happy is understandably difficult, but don’t worry you have options to ensure that valued members of your family stay safe and healthy through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

One of the main worries with pets is their food supply.  With many local grocery stores and super markets running out of stock, enforcing maximum shopper limits, or shutting their doors early, getting the pet food your pets need is difficult to say the least.  Luckily many pet food retailers have online pet food options.  But just because you need to get your pet's food through online ordering doesn’t mean you should settle for less.  Your pets deserve the best, most nutritious food possible.

Ensure Your Pet Food has Quality Ingredients:

When you buy food for your pet dog you need to ensure you are getting the best nutritional value. When deciding what brand to buy you need to inspect the ingredient list first and foremost.  The top three ingredients should be high protein meat items.  If you see beef or chicken you know that the brand of dog food is putting in proper nutritional value for your pet.

In addition to the meat your pet food should also include unprocessed food items, such as vegetables and whole grains.  While dogs (and cats) are primarily carnivores, a well-rounded diet promotes health. The healthier your pet’s diet the longer their life, and the greater their energy. When your pet has the right nutritional balance their life improves.

Don’t Settle for Low-Quality Ingredients:

Many pet foods might only have animal fat instead of the meat or meat meal.  If a pet food includes animal fat it should be in addition to the main ingredient.  If you see the top ingredient listed as “chicken fat” or “beef fat” that pet food brand doesn’t use real meat as the primary ingredient.

 Artificial coloring is something too avoid. While not necessarily bad, it is not the greatest thing to see in your pet’s food. Preservatives can also be bad news as well. Some common preservatives, such as Ethoxyquin, were first developed as pesticides.  Other preservatives can be toxic in large quantities and might cause problems over extended periods of time. You should also avoid artificial sweeteners in your pet’s food. Sugars are just as bad for your pets as they are for you.  Finally take pains to avoid brands that include “by-product as an ingredient.

Get Affordable Quality Pet Food:

Purchasing affordable pet food that doesn’t sacrifice quality can be difficult. But for the sake of your pets who depend on you to be healthy and happy, with a little work you can get quality food at affordable prices. Some smart money saving tips:  Dry food will cost less than wet food, and can provide the same nutritional benefits. Bagged food is a great way to buy food in bulk, as long as you store it properly.

If you are unsure of how your pet food measures up to competitors you can visit sites like to check your foods nutritional values. Make sure you do what is best for your pets, and find nutritious food to help their health, but help your wallet and find an affordable option.

Top Brands:

One of the best ways to find the top pet foods you need is to go to Chewy is a great site to browse not only different brands of dog and cat food, but also find specific foods for your pets.  If you need hypoallergenic food for your pets you can find the right stuff on Chewy also has pet food delivery options, making it a great option for getting your food safely and quickly. Here are some of the top brands of pet foods available today, separated into Dog Food and Cat Food:

Top Dog Food Brands:

  • Blue Buffalo: Created with the health of dogs in mind, Blue Buffalo is perfect for your canine friends.
  • Purina Pro Plan: Made to help your dog's digestion and provide proper nutrients, this protein rich dog food is perfect for your beloved pet.
  • Taste of the Wild: Using both Buffalo and Bison, this is a grain free option perfect for your dogs. A complete and balanced meal for your pet!
  • American Journey: Another grain free option, it includes bone free salmon, fruits and veggies, for a balanced meal for your adult dogs.

Top Cat Food Brands:

  • Fancy Feast: Fancy Feast offers multiple flavor combinations, and includes added vitamins and minerals to ensure your pet has the nutrition it needs.
  • Meow Mix: Meow Mix Original Choice Dry food is a great option for any cat owner out there. Created for adult cats, this is a food packed with essential nutrients that your cat needs for a healthy life.
  • Purina Pro Plan: Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Probiotic is specially formulated to keep your cat healthy and reduce the amount of allergens you are exposed to.
  • Sheba: Sheba Offers three different grain free recipes perfect for your cats! With feeding instructions for various weights, you'll know your pets are getting exactly what they need.