Affordable Content Writing Platforms

Multiple options for high-quality content writing platforms are available. Learn about the top affordable content writing platforms on the market now.

If you own or manage a business today, you understand the importance of quality website content to your business’s success. Conventional methods of advertising have long since yielded their dominance in efficacy to digital strategies. Consumers simply expect and respond better to high-quality clickable online content.

Budgets and finances are also priorities. This makes finding affordable content writing options an essential aspect of achieving company goals. Various levels of freelance and specialized content writing platforms are available. Both research and comparative trial-and-error strategies might be required to discover providers capable of generating the content you need (within your budget). Read ahead to learn about the top affordable content writing platforms on the market today.

Quality Content Writing 101

Quality content writing is most effective at increasing sales numbers. High-quality website content is also effective at reducing common data challenges and expenses related to customer acquisition. To accomplish these goals, content must be written clearly and emotionally engaging to readers. From a logistics and technical perspective, the content on your company website must also utilize proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies such as the integration of high-traffic keywords.

Integrating effective SEO keywords requires the type of research and planning only available through the best content writers, platforms, and services. On a more elementary level, high-quality content is simply the type of information consumers want to read. When considering more details and intricacies, however, your company’s content needs to also include or contain:

  • Brand-appropriate text.

  • Learning moments for your readers regarding company products and services.

  • Backlinked content (which leads visitors back to your company’s website and social media pages).

  • Outgoing links to affiliate marketing platforms, supporting research and sourced documentation.

  • Appealing options for continued customer engagement with your brand.

  • Various types of tags (heading, image, alternative, etc.) to market your brand and content on the web.

  • Consistent publishing of new content and delivery of on-brand messaging. 

Learn Why High-Quality Web Content Is Important

High-quality digital content is the most effective way of promoting and expanding your business today. The content on your company website is also the most important factor pursuant to attracting and maintaining a customer base. For example, only 0.05 seconds (approximately) is required for each online visitor to form an opinion about your website, brand, and products. Granted, this is not enough time to develop an educated or informed perspective about everything your company offers. If your imagery and content do not almost instantly meet the approval of your visitors, however, those visitors will likely leave for the next option.

The goal is to convert every one-time visitor into a long-term customer. This requires mobile-compatible content as well. For example, eighty-eight percent of consumers searching for businesses or products on a mobile device will visit the same company online or in-person within twenty-four hours. Sixty-one percent of viewers, however, will never return to a company website if they had issues with viewing its content. More than half of consumers who consider a website to be poorly designed will not recommended the associated company or product. Finally, almost forty percent of potential customers who were initially attracted your website home page or company’s products will quickly disengage if they later discover poorly written content, unattractive design layouts or technical issues with the site (problems at checkout, etc.).

Read About the Top Content Writing Platforms for Your Budget

Affordability is important to your budget and overall bottom-line. As you have learned, however, without high-quality content, your company might not attract and maintain the customer base it needs to stay in business at all. Fortunately, the following platforms combine affordability with the quality online content you need to meet (and exceed) company goals.


WriterAccess provides variable pricing platforms starting at only $39 per month. Due to this feature, WriterAccess is one of the best (and most affordable) options available for smaller start-up companies in need of high-quality content. A membership subscription to this service is required (with $39 per month the minimum subscription available). Pricing variations are typical because WriterAccess provides access to content creators who charge between several pennies and two dollars per word. A $349 per month subscription is also available, which includes a designated account manager and completely managed content-writing process.


More than 100,000 vetted content writers are available for hire through the Textbroker platform. Pricing begins at 1.5 cents per word. The Textbroker website is user-friendly and simple to navigate. An account is required to access Textbroker writers. Once you are a member, you have the freedom to choose the price point best suited for your budget and needs. Writer experience and ratings are indicated on a two-to-five-star basis. The best-rated professional five-star writers are competitively affordable, especially for the level of talent and experience they offer.


If you are looking for scalable (and affordable) flat-rate pricing on high-quality content, Verblio might be the best platform for those needs. A three-hundred-word piece of content starts at $34.95. The Verblio platform prioritizes writer vetting. Its pricing system is somewhat complex and relies on:

  • Number of monthly articles purchased.

  • Tier of copy length chosen.

  • Optional additional service charges.

Verblio offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee. The service’s heavily vetted writers are inbound-certified via Hubspot, however, and include niche-field creators. Verblio even offers video and image options (at an additional charge) to accommodate your purchased content.

SEO Butler

SEO Butler provides an assortment of top-rated SEO-based options, including optimized content. All writers are heavily vetted native English speakers residing in the U.S. and United Kingdom only. All SEO Butler writers are also experienced SEO and conversion content producers, which means your company will receive top-notch content with every purchase. Options include standard blogs and guest blogs. Additional types of content creation purchasable via the SEO Butler platform includes:

  • Surfer SEO content.

  • Technical blog writing.

  • Product reviews.

  • Product descriptions.

  • Buyers guides.

Prices are set on a per-word basis. Discounts on pricing are offered for content requiring between 5,000 and 9,999 words. Content orders for 10,000 words and above are given bulk-pricing discounts. SEO Butler services are of premium quality. Therefore, this service is not always the most affordable option. If your company website demands the highest qualify content, however, SEO Butler is one of the best choices available.


WordAgents also offers scalable website content at affordable prices. WordAgents writers are all vetted, reside in the U.S. and SEO-experienced. This service is known for its expedited turnaround times and top-quality content. For example, a seven-day turnaround time is provided for 10,000+ word bulk orders. This feature allows you to add a large amount of new content to your website in short order. If you are a content manager for multiple clients, the WordAgents turnaround time allows you to satisfy your clients quickly as well. Similar to SEO Butler, WordAgents is one of the best overall services available. Available content types and featured services include:

  • Thoroughly researched topics.

  • Keyword research and optimization.

  • Proofreading.

  • Anti-plagiarism proofing.

  • Bulk orders.

  • Two revisions/edit rounds per article.

  • Customer service.

  • Content effectively scalable for various mobile platforms.

Crowd Content

Like SEO Butler and WordAgents, Crowd Content offers a viable assortment of online content-based services. The fast turnarounds provided by this service are competitive with those offered on the WordAgents platform. Crowd Content writers typically reply within sixty seconds once you submit your project proposal. Writers through this service require you to supply detailed instructions and content ideas, however. If you and/or your company are dialed into your collective needs, Crowd Content writers are capable of meeting and exceeding expectations with industry-leading speed.

Various Additional Freelance Content Writing Options

Multiple other content creating platforms are available on the market today. Vetting and turnaround times all vary because writers from all over the world with various degrees of experience and fluidity in English are available for hire. Writers from the following services are generally the most affordable but some degree of experimenting is required to find the best ones for your needs: