The 4 Best RVs on the Market for 2021

There are as many reasons to need a getaway in today, as there are to stay safe while doing it. A drive across the country in your own brand new RV might be just the solution you need. An RV contains all the necessities and comfort of a second home. The biggest difference of course the way this type of second home is transportable to any location with space enough in which to park it.

The best RVs on the market today offer luxury and comfort. They also offer convenience and a hybrid of home and vacation-like qualities. What companies make the best RVs for 2021? What are some of the best features? What qualities in an RV are most important to you? The best RVs make home feel like a transportable vacation without the hassles of hotels and dragging heavy luggage in and out of random vehicles. Read ahead for details about the best RVS on the market for 2021.

How RVs Help People Deal with Pandemic Restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic created many restrictions to social life and normal home life alike. These seemingly endless restrictions were, and continue to be, hard for many people to handle. Vacations, travel plans, seeing your loved ones in different states and even work/school all changed or were shut down. An RV offers a combined sense of freedom and control again. It is possible to travel yet still be in isolation with your family. Normal COVID-19 safety protocols must be followed regardless of location, but it is safe to park your RV in the woods or near a beach and still not be in violation of any safety standards. What is one of the best features of owning an RV? Remote schoolwork and remote regular work for your job(s) are possible to complete when traveling. An RV is truly a second home on wheels and gives you the freedom and getaway you and your family deserve.


The 4 Best RVs on the Market for 2021

Many RVs deserve some featured spotlight moments in 2021 due to high quality designs and reliable performance standards. Each of the best RVs in 2021 vary in price, style, features and weight. Choosing the right RV for you is a matter of preference and budget. The 4 best RVs on the Market for 2021 include:

  1. Grand Solitude Design.
  2. Keystone Montana Modern Maple Edition.
  3. Forest River Cardinal.
  4. Newmar King Aire.

1. Grand Design Solitude

Year after year the Grand Design Solitude continues to be one of the most livable luxury RVs on the Market. This remains true in 2021 as Grand Design offers fifteen different floor plans from which to choose. Each floor plan creates a residential experience with a bountiful amount of living space. Floor plans are also customizable via the Build and Price feature on the Grand Design website. Base plans start at an affordable MSRP of $59,859 for the 2021 Solitude 2930RL and go up with each model from there. Trims range from 34’ 4” to 41’ 5” in length. There is an elevated kitchen to create more storage space and convenience. The storage space in the Solitude overall is larger than in a majority of other RVs on the current market. The GVWR is 16,800 pounds and the GAWR (2) is 7,000 pounds. The Grand Design Solitude also has a heated underbelly, which makes it a traveling home capable of weathering any climate in the U.S.

2. Keystone Montana Modern Maple Edition

Keystone knows what its customers want. More so the company knows what its customers deserve. The Keystone Montana Modern Maple Edition is the epitome of modern luxury, convenience and consumer deserve-ability spread across twenty-two choices of floor plans. MSRPs start at $79,76 before taxes and options. Amenities and features are almost completely customizable. The Montana Modern Maple Edition is designed to look and feel like an elegant hotel on the inside, with a rugged functionality and bold exterior on the outside. There is a pass-through storage compartment and a four-door, eighteen cubic feet refrigerator. There are 4G LTE, Wi-Fi Pre and KeyTV systems, a fifty-inch LED TV and soundbar. The Montana Modern Maple Edition also comes standard with a Renovo Sleep memory foam mattress for your extra comfort.

3. Forest River Cardinal

There are three stunning Forest River Cardinal trims with multiple floor plans/options for each. The Luxury, Limited and 25th Anniversary Edition trims are all top-tier RV choices for you and your family. Entertainment includes powered theatre seating, outside entertainment and a fifty-inch TV inside. There is ample storage and the ability to transport numerous guests or more than one family when safe and applicable. Trim lengths range from 34’ 11” inches to 41’ 8”. The Serta mattress bed comes standard at 72x80-inches and both the interior and exterior design display class and style. MSRPs on all trims are now provided by direct quote only. It is also important to note a three-quarter-tone diesel truck is required to tow all Forest River Cardinal trims.

4. Newmar King Aire

The 2021 Newmar King Aire takes luxury to the absolute maximum. This is a luxury RV for the most serious RV enthusiasts looking for a second home with every feature and convenience option imaginable. The starting price on the King Aire is $1,296,080. For those not expecting this MSRP, Newmar manufactures numerous other luxury RV trims starting at $133,332 and increasing up to the throne of the King. There are eight options for decor choices. Safety features such as the Mobileye lane departure warning system and OnGuard collision mitigation technology are included as standard. The King Aire rests on a Spartan K3 chassis and has a brand-new passive steer tag axle, which creates a shorter turn radius. Appliances are made by Viking. The cabinetry boasts of European style and the countertops are made of actual quartz. Brochures with more details about the King Aire and all its options are available by request using an online form.