Mobile App Creation Software

Mobile apps are a common part of everyday U.S. life in 2021. Mobile app creation is a lucrative business for many entrepreneurs and a profitable addition to services offered by many cutting-edge businesses. The truth is, even (seemingly) unlikely candidates for mobile apps such as Michaels and John L. Scott Real Estate have mobile apps today. What are the most popular mobile app creation software programs available today? What are their prices and best features?

Mobile apps have come a long way since the 1997 Nokia 6110 Snake arcade game gave way to the iPod’s Solitaire & Brick games. The very first 2007 Apple iPhone included native apps, which then lead to the Apple Store and its main competition the Google Play Store. Are you looking to purchase app creation software for your business in 2021? Read ahead for a helpful and informative guide on the top 5 popular app creation software programs available today.

5 Popular 2021 App Creation Software Programs

Multiples of professional app creation software programs exist in 2021. Some programs vary greatly in pricing and features while others are similar in many ways. What makes an app creation software program popular with consumers? Friendly pricing and ease-of-use are two significant selling points today. Because mobile apps are based primarily on convenience and instant access, it makes sense app creators also prefer app creation software lacking in tedious coding requirements. Some mobile apps are popular because of how they are specifically applicable to business growth and needs. Based on this collective criteria the top 5 popular app creation software programs in 2021 are:

  1. Appy Pie.
  2. BiznessApps.
  3. BuildFire.
  4. Skuid.

1. Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a highly popular no-code mobile app creation program in 2021. Part of its popularity is based on its extreme ease of use. Appy pie requires no app development skill or prior experience for its users to start developing their mobile apps. The program starts you off with effective templates, to which you simply add your own changes/features prior to launching. Appy Pie takes the proverbial market cake when it comes to sheer number of customers using its platform in 2021. Over seven million customers are presently using Appy Pie to create mobile apps, websites, graphics, chatbots and more. Appy Pie offers a seven-day free trial and plans start as low as $18/mo.

2. BiznessApps

BiznessApps is popular with small business owners in 2021. This highly effective app creation software program utilizes a convenient proprietary drag-and-drop app builder, which makes it simple for multi-tasking small business users to get to work without worrying about coding. Realtors, music studios, virtual instrument creators, schools, restaurants and more use BiznessApps today. BiznessApps plans start at $99/mo and include mobile ordering, customer loyalty programs, messaging communication features and more. Third-party integrations, premium add-ons and a user-friendly management platform are other top reasons BiznessApps is one of the top app creation software program available today.

3. BuildFire

BuildFire is popular due to its high level of versatility, also with no coding required. BuildFire boasts the creation of over ten thousand mobile apps via its software program including those run by PayPal, Pandora and more. What makes BuildFire so versatile? BuildFire includes a highly intuitive user interface capable of creating any type of mobile app with nearly unlimited creative control and power. The BuildFire marketplace allows you to quickly add a feature via extension installation. Customizable functionality is another popular feature made possible by the developer-friendly BuildFire software development kit (SDK). BuildFire is used to create popular gym, eCommerce, educational, event, religious, business workflow apps and more. What ultimately makes BuildFire so popular? The BuildFire customer support system is one of the best in the business today. BuildFire pricing starts at $159/mo with a pre-purchase fourteen-day free trial.

4. Skuid

Skuid is a highly popular mobile app creation software popular in 2021 because of its touted ability to satisfy the demands of its many customers. Skuid offers a code-free, fluid and user-friendly experience. The open platform allows app creators the flexibility and control to change pre-written codes without issue, however. Apps created by Skuid are have fast, integrated voice-integrated capabilities. The primary reason for Skuid’s consumer popularity is the program’s capability to develop apps up to ninety percent fast than many of its competitors using a unique and proprietary user experience (UX) unlike any marketed before.

Pricing is designated in tiers. The Skuid Builder program is free. The Essentials plan costs $825/mo, Growth is priced at $2,075/mo and the powerful Enterprise plan is priced via private quote only. Skuid is primarily designed for bespoke-type businesses and offers features such as:

  • Source control.
  • Data modeling.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Web app development.
  • More.

5. boasts providing an all-encompassing creation platform for progressive web apps (PWAs), web apps and mobile apps alike. Similar to BuildFire, states more than ten thousand diverse mobile apps were created using its popular platform. is a multi-purpose mobile app creation software program focusing on collaboration at an affordable price. Pricing starts at just $25/mo and includes a one-developer seat allowing the creation of two mobile apps. also offers a fourteen-day free trial. Top features include MBaaS (mobile backend as a service), visual development tools, simple deployment and the easy ability to include your customers in on creative development - in real time.