Keep Your Gutters Clean with Gutter Guards

It is important to keep your gutters clean all year long. This includes both winter and summer months when weather is at its most dangerous and extreme.

It also includes the autumn months when leaves are falling in rapid amounts. Installing gutter guards is one way to help keep your drains cleared of debris throughout every season. What are gutter guards? Are gutter guards expensive?

Gutter guards help keep your gutters free of leaves and other large debris by allowing rain water to pass through, while blocking most debris. There are several different types of gutter guards from which to choose. What are the benefits of using gutter guards and do they improve the value of my home? Read ahead for comprehensive information about how to keep your gutters clean with gutter guards today.

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Gutter guards are installed as attachments on top of your gutters. A gutter guard most often covers the entire span of opening on top of your gutters. Holes in the gutter guards allow for rainwater to pass through to your gutters, while simultaneously blocking leaves and other moderate to large-sized debris from passing through. Wind and forceful rainwater then blow or wash the leaves and debris off the gutter guards and onto your lawn. While it is still necessary to check your gutter guards to make sure they remain unobstructed, the frequency at which these checks are required is significantly reduced from the amount of times you have to check and/or clean your gutters each year.

Different Types of Gutter Guards

There are six main types, or styles, of gutter guard classifications on the market. Each classification also has variations. The type of gutter guard best suited for your home is dependent on several factors including the climate in which you live and type of gutters installed on your house.

Nylon gutter guards are designed to work best in winter climates and are effective at preventing the accumulation of ice and snow. Mesh gutter guards cover your gutters with hole-filled sheets. The holes are particularly small, which prevents the majority of debris from passing through to your gutters. Reverse curve gutter guards use small slits instead of holes to send water through while keeping debris out.

Foam gutter guards are actually made of a flexible plastic, which sits inside your gutters acting like a shield against falling debris. Bottle brush gutter guards are made of metallic bristles. Bottle brush gutter guards sit facing upright catching debris, which prevents it from entering and clogging your gutters. The last classification of gutter guard, known as non-gutter covers, are installed as replacements for your gutters. They are a narrow set of louvers designed to redirect water off your roof.

Average Cost of Purchasing Gutter Guards

Gutter guards cost an average of $1,500 to $2,000 including installation. Guards and covers essentially range between seven and ten dollars per linear foot. These prices vary based on the type of gutter guard being installed, the service performing the installation and the amount of applicable floors in your home. Prices will also increase for more complicated gutter systems involving more bends and corners.

How Gutter Guards Improve the Value of Your Home

Gutter guards do not necessarily directly improve the value of your home. Considering the relatively minimal cost to purchase and install them, a significant increase in sales price cannot be expected as a direct result of having gutter guards installed. Gutter guards add value to your home in numerous other valuable ways, however.

The lower-end cost of purchasing gutter guards, including installation, is approximately $1,500. The average cost of having uncovered gutters cleaned is approximately $150 per service for a two-story home. This cost increases for three-story homes. Having your gutters cleaned three times a year therefore costs approximately $450 per year on average or more. Considering you still need to clean your gutters once every two years even with gutter guards installed, the cost of purchasing and having gutter guards professionally installed pays for itself in approximately four years.

The biggest value gutter guards provide is their ability to prevent serious damage and related expenses. Gutter guards prevent water pooling and flooding into your first floor or basement. They also help prevent rust and other buildups, which lead to prematurely having to replace your gutters.

Top Brands of Gutter Guards

Certain brands of gutter guards are more popular with consumers due to a combination of affordability and proven efficacy. Raptor by Gutterglove is one of the top brands due to its DIY installation capabilities and compatibility with larger gutter systems. AmeriMax Metal Lock-In Gutter Guard is also popular due to its durable powder-coated steel. Other top brands of gutter guards popular with consumers in 2021 include:

Best Gutter Guard Installation Companies of 2021

There are several ways to find the best gutter guard installation companies near you. General online searches reveal both local and national companies with installation services. There are also websites with search portals specifically dedicated to finding credible national gutter service companies in your area. For example, Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor and AngiesList all have popular search portals for gutter guard installation services. Websites to popular national installation services include Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning, PJ Fitzpatrick, Brothers Services Company, Gutter Helmet, Leaf Filter and GutterglovePRO.