Best Cable TV Offers and Bundles

Do you want to save money on cable TV service? Use bundling options to get great TV service discounts.

Cable TV service used to be common in American households before streaming services became prevalent. They have since dropped in popularity. In fact, only 44 percent of American homes had cable TV service in 2021. That number dropped from 47 percent two years prior. Yet, there are many reasons sticking with cable TV service is beneficial for American homeowners. Streaming services are not the ideal choices for all budgets or preferences.

When considering subscribing to cable TV in your home, you need to understand its benefits. Understanding the nuances of the service can also help you to find ways to save on your cable TV service fees. The most common way to save on cable TV is to sign up for a bundle. A bundle allows you to enjoy several services without breaking your budget. Finding the top companies that offer bundles can help you make maximize your savings. Here is what you need to know about cable TV bundle selection.

What Are Some Benefits of Cable TV Service?

Cable TV service has many advantages over satellite and streaming services. For instance, satellite TV service relies on airborne satellite signals.  If satellite dishes are out of alignment, signals are interrupted. Weather conditions can also interrupt satellite services. Meanwhile, streaming services rely on internet connectivity, but internet service interruptions are common. Cable TV service is not prone to such interruptions or weather-related signal issues. Other benefits of cable TV include:

  • Cable TV offers more access to live event broadcasts.

  • New movies are often available on cable before they appear on most streaming services. 

  • Cable TV service includes access to more live TV channels, and often a wide array of on-demand programming rivaling or surpassing the selections offered by most streaming services.

  • Cable TV services often offer more deals and room for negotiation than streaming services.

  • You may wish to watch certain programs on cable that are not available on streaming services.

What Are Cable TV Bundles?

If you want to sign up for cable TV, you need to understand your bundling options. In the world of cable TV, the terms “bundle” and “package” are sometimes interchanged. They can refer to two different processes as well. The first is the bundling of specific channels as part of a TV lineup. The second, is the ability to bundle a purchase of cable TV service with a purchase of another unrelated service, which is most often internet service. Although, some companies also offer bundles that feature telephone service.

Cable TV bundles first appeared in the 1990s. Since that time, they have expanded and improved in many ways. However, the bundling of cable and internet service has recently reached a popularity peak, as internet speeds have increased in recent years. Today, most Americans rely heaving on high-speed internet access. Bundling that service with cable TV is a way to meet two different needs at the same time.

How Can Cable TV Bundles Save You Money? 

Bundling your cable TV service with internet (and potentially telephone) service has many possible benefits. The most obvious is it can save you money. Often, companies offer deep discounts for bundles. That is because such companies want to reward your brand loyalty. They also use bundles to attract new customers to their brands.

Are Cable TV Bundles Time Savers?

Another helpful aspect of cable TV bundling is saving time. When you have multiple services through the same company, you only need to pay one bill each month. You do not have to remember to pay separate bills or take the time to complete separate bill payments. There is also no need to remember completely different due dates for multiple services each month. Therefore, late payment fees are less likely.

Initial service installation time is also reduced with bundling. Since you do not have to schedule separate installations with various companies, the process is streamlined. Typically, all services are routed through a single modem or box-like modem/router combination device. Additionally, company repair personnel can often more easily identify problems with a particular service when their companies are providing all the services in the homes they visit.

What Are Some Top Companies That Offer Cable TV Bundles and Their Rates?

There are companies all over the country that offer cable TV bundles. Many of the top companies are nationally-known brands with good reputations for quality services. Some also offer 24-hour customer support. Comparing the rates of such top companies is a good way to begin your search for an ideal cable TV bundle. 

Many companies have multiple available bundle options. Prices are also subject to regular changes. Therefore, you need to investigate the specific bundles offered at whatever time you choose to start your cable TV service search. The following are available packages as of May, 2022:

  • Comcast Xfinity TV and internet bundle fees are subject to regional pricing. For example, in New Hampshire the cheapest bundle starts at $54.99 per month. That package does not require a contract and includes the Performance Pro Internet Package.

  • Cox provides several internet and TV packages. However, some only include streaming service access. To get access to over 140 cable television channels, the current least expensive bundle starts at $137.99. That package also includes internet access with a top download speed of 50 Mbps.

  • Spectrum bundle services start at $49.99 per month. Optional bundles are available for cable TV with internet, phone, or both. 

  • Mediacom TV, internet, and phone packages start as low as $99.98. However, Mediacom coverage is currently only provided in California, Texas, and portions of the central and southeast United States.

  • Astound offers one of the most affordable triple-service bundles in the United states. It costs $41.17 per month for basic cable, phone, and internet services. However, that is for a 300 Mbps internet speed. The 940 Mbps bundle plans start at $51.17.

What Else Should You Consider When Getting a Cable TV Bundle?

The most important thing to consider when getting a cable TV bundle is the cost. Do not assume bundling always saves you money. In some cases, the savings certain companies offer for bundling are non-existent or minuscule. You must also consider any contract requirements the company has. If there is a contract, fees may increase when it expires. You may also have to pay to break the contract early, such as if you need to move to a location outside a coverage area. Provided you keep those stipulations in mind, cable TV bundle service is an excellent savings option.