Find an Affordable Internet Plan for Seniors

Many seniors are availing themselves of the internet these days. Using the internet to stay in touch with loved ones living in other states or places is one of the largest benefits to seniors. The ability to shop online, learn new skills and keep connected with the world allow seniors to still remain active and involved even if physical ailments may curtail other activities.

If you are a senior then many companies offer discounts, internet included. Some of the best deals come when you bundle your internet service with other offered services by the company. Some of the senior internet discounts offered are as low as $10 a month for eligible seniors. If you thought internet was too expensive to have, think again. Here are some of the best internet plans for seniors on the market today. Find one and get connected now.

Do You Need Internet Service?

The quick answer is YES, for many reasons. Several studies have been conducted and they all conclude that the connectiveness that internet promotes has extremely good health benefits for older adults. It improves mental alertness, helps active seniors establish home-based online businesses, see parts of the world from the comfort of their computer chairs, engage with family and friends, and being able to shop for themselves without the need for transportation. If you live far away from your children or grandchildren, the internet is a great way to keep relationships strong and it eases the sense of isolation you may be feeling.

How Much Internet do You Need?

If you are not confident about your internet or computer savvy, not to worry. All you need to know as far as basic internet packages is you want to have enough power to browse on the world wide web, check your email, stream videos, and interact with social media. 10 GB of data is all you need to accomplish this. The more GB you have, the faster those features will function.  The average retired homeowner who likes to play solitaire online, check FaceBook, access their bank statements and use Zoom to connect with loved ones, would be better off with a 25GB plan.


 Comcast offers seniors low cost internet service that includes a free computer, training classes and home wi-fi. In order to qualify for this lowest cost program you must qualify for food stamps, Medicaid or be on social security insurance (SSI). If you do not qualify for that program, Comcast offers a bundling option. If you already have Xfinity cable service in your area, you can add in internet service for a lower cost. This is called bundling your services and Comcast is willing to give you a discount if you do so.


Spectrum Internet Assist offers seniors who are on SSI to receive low cost internet. Some offered plans cost only $5 a month, while others charge you a monthly fee based on your income. You receive 30 mbps high speed and virus protection. There is no additional charge for the modem. You must provide your own computer, however.  Spectrum is not available in all locations.


AT&T has been around for a long time and is a trusted provider and one that is easily recognized. Depending on your income you could qualify for a $5-10 dollar a month internet plan. You must either be on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or currently be receiving SSI benefits. If you qualify you can receive free installation and in home wifi, no deposit is required. If you do not qualify for low income programs, there are still options for seniors. Bundle your internet service with the AT&T television and receive a discount. Get a basic internet package for as low as $55 a month.


Many senior organizations give CenturyLink top marks for customer service. Their plans start at $9.99 and comes with Norton anti-virus protection already installed. CenturyLink offers a 30 day money back guarantee in case you change your mind and they offer an internet computer that you can order along with your service so that you can get started at once.


Lifeline is the name of a government backed internet service. It lowers the overall cost of internet services as well as phone lines. They offer a subsidy of around $9 to put toward your bill. If you participate in Medicaid, SNAP, SSI or Veterans Benefits then you may qualify.


If you live in a rural area you may qualify for HughesNet. This plan comes with free installation and is satellite based. HugesNet Gen5 has 10GB plans to 50GB plans. The 10 GB plans start at $49.99. The drawback is that it is satellite and if there are storms you could experience a short disruption of service.