Laser Liposuction: Is It Right For You?

Laser liposuction is a relatively new field. Read below to find out more on liposuction and if it is right for you. 

Laser liposuction is at the forefront of medical technology, and the fantastic results are the reason why. Laser lipo is a minimal-downtime cosmetic procedure that uses a warm laser to melt away obstinate fat under the skin. Using a new technology called laser lipolysis, the laser dissolves the more stubborn fat underneath the skin. Better still, you retain the results without having to diet or exercise. The concept of laser lipo is to have the results of liposuction without the discomfort, downtime, or incisions. If your goal is to spot-treat fat loss, this might be your solution because it is one of the only ways to spot-treat fat loss. Read on to discover whether laser liposuction might be a good fit for your personal goals. 

The Procedure

Laser liposuction itself is painless. It is said that the laser feels warm and, in some moments, tingly. You will also receive local anesthesia before the procedure to make sure you are comfortable. The provider administers the laser to the area and treats the targeted areas with laser energy. You might experience some slight soreness for a day or two. You may have to limit your activities, but it definitely would not be considered traditional downtime. Because it involves incisions and is a higher risk for complications, classic liposuction can have a more extended downtime.

Additionally, the fat that is removed in laser lipo is melted and then processed through your metabolism by natural means and is not suctioned out. This also reduces the risk of complications. The whole procedure itself typically only lasts 30 minutes, depending on the areas you are treating. Most who have gone through this procedure do not find it unpleasant and are able to go back to work that same day if they wished to do so. 

Cost of Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction prices depend on the clinic and where it is located, but typically, it can cost anywhere from around $1000 to far more. It very much depends on the clinic you visit and how many sessions you might require. The process is done in a series of sessions, which can create a range of costs in the estimate. You will likely see a difference in the first visit, but you will need to come back for optimal results, so buying these treatments in a package can be helpful. Many states have also started regulating this type of service more closely than in the past. This is because for so many years others besides doctors could perform the procedure as long as it was overseen by a physician. Even with tighter scrutiny, you can still find laser liposuction offered at an affordable price. In Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Liposuction Centers are offering a deal on laser liposuction procedures. They offer liposculpting for $899 per area. They do have additional terms and conditions, but this is one of the best price points on the market.

What Areas Can be Treated with Laser Liposuction?

All parts of the body that store fat can be treated. The most common, however, are the abdomen, waistline, thighs, arms, and under the chin. What you can do in addition to those body parts will be at the discretion of your specific doctor and what he or she is comfortable with doing. When you go for your first consultation, most physicians will assess your health and any conditions you may have before agreeing to perform the procedure. In certain circumstances, the doctor may refuse to do the work because it poses a threat to your overall health. A good example would be someone suffering from anorexia, or someone with a heart condition. The other thing to note is that you must be within 25 pounds of your ideal weight. While this is an estimated rule of thumb, the significance of it is that you should be targeting stubborn fat, not mass fat loss. The idea is to have the concern of “problem areas” instead of overall weight loss. Laser liposuction is specifically intended to help you start to ease those problem areas after you have already lost the bulk of the weight (no matter your starting weight.) 

Additional Skin Tightening

With laser liposuction, one of the most highly discussed aspects of the procedure is the additional skin-tightening effect it has for the recipient instead of only the fat draining effect. This is an improvement compared to regular liposuction or rapid weight loss processes. In those processes, an undesired effect is that the skin hangs in folds until it is surgically removed or tightened. This is not a concern for those utilizing lipo laser treatments. The way that the laser tightens the skin is much like an additional treatment, so you are really getting an additional treatment for the price of one. The results can be astounding, with 35%-45% skin contraction.

Sono Bello:

America's top cosmetic surgery specialist according to their website, offers a unique method of laser liposuction. They advertise immediate results with minimally invasive procedure called SonoBello Trisculpt. The procedure is performed by a sono bello approved doctor, and can show results in as little as one day. They also offer body contouring procedures to help you get your desired look without the typical harmful side effects that can occur with typical laser liposuction procedures. Sono Bello offers budget friendly procedures and even offers up to $250 off the procedure if you qualify. Check out their website here to schedule your free online consultation today.   

Am I Eligible for Laser Liposuction? 

To be a candidate for laser liposuction, you typically must be over 18, medically cleared for surgery, and not have over 30 pounds to lose to be at your ideal weight. You cannot have a classified obese BMI just because laser liposuction will not be the ideal treatment for you. It is not a procedure that is covered by insurance, so whether you have insurance will not affect your procedure. However, many facilities offering this type of treatment have their own financial arrangements and plans. So, if you want the procedure there may be a way to finance it. The only thing insurance may cover is the prescriptions you are prescribed post-operation. A great place to start to look for laser liposuction providers near you is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website. You can find a link to their surgeon search page here.

CoolSculpting Vs. Laser Liposuction

CoolSculpting is a procedure that freezes the fat in the area and allows your body to process the fat out naturally through your existing metabolism. It is effective, however, typically not straight away and less so than with laser liposuction. Fat freezing usually takes several rounds to see great results. Laser liposuction is more results-oriented and knocks it all out in one session, whereas fat freezing takes longer and depends on your body doing most of the heavy lifting. Another thing worth noting is that, sometimes, fat freezing can have the opposite effect and cause a hyperplasia that results in additional fat accumulation rather than reduction. While this is rare, it is important to note.