Find A Senior Apartment That Works For You

Senior apartments are an option for aging residents who want to take advantage of the perks of age-restricted communities. Senior living communities often have additional services and events as well as layouts that are conducive to their aging demographic. One of the perks apartment residents can enjoy includes lower living costs. Since there are grants available for investors who construct affordable housing for seniors, these incentives are passed down to residents.

What Senior Apartments Offer Residents

Retirement often means that individuals lose their main source of socializing. Senior apartments present residents with the opportunity to get to know their neighbors.

Similar to blocks surrounding schools that are home to young families, the amenities surrounding senior housing target the aging population. Below are some examples of what to expect in senior housing:

  • Social events – In an effort to strengthen the sense of community, many apartments schedule and arrange social events. These may be routine, such as bingo every Wednesday night, or specific to a special occasion like a winter formal. Residents well into retirement can appreciate establishing new contacts and friendships with neighbors of similar age and lifestyle.
  • Age-friendly accommodations – Many senior housing options have units that are on one floor, have wheel-chair accessible doorways, step-in showers addition, hand railing in bathrooms and more. Some senior apartments will have emergency systems in place in case residents fall or otherwise need assistance.
  • Premium amenities – Like luxury accommodations, many senior living communities have clubhouses, pools, fitness centers and business centers. Some may even have beauty salons, barbershops, spas or therapeutic services. Common rooms can include libraries and game rooms.
  • Additional security – Many retirement communities have intercom and alarm systems as well as 24-hour staff on campus. Select locations may also have gated or restricted access.

Most senior housing sets minimum age-restrictions at 55 or 62 years of age. While communities with younger minimums still offer many amenities, the ones with older minimums can have more events since more residents are likely to be retired.

What to Expect From Senior Living Apartments

Prospective residents should be aware of the differences between apartments and other senior living options. For instance, apartment complexes do not have the same medical services as nursing homes. However, the cost of age-restricted housing is less than direct care nursing services.

Likewise, senior apartments may not offer as many services as independent living facilities. These facilities may provide residents with meals or monitor their medications.

High vs. Low Cost Senior Apartments

Senior living options vary significantly by facility. There may be more or fewer amenities and services depending on the cost.

For instance, low cost senior apartments may have rental fees that are 20 percent less than the local non-senior equivalent. However, low-cost housing may not have swimming pools and be set near golf courses like high-cost communities.

Some high-cost housing options for seniors aren’t as affordable because they offer residents special services such as housekeeping. Seniors looking for affordable options after retiring may opt for rentals that have fewer services because they are still very active.

When weighing housing after retirement, it is important for seniors to ask themselves the following questions:

  • What is my budget?
  • What factors are important to me?
  • Can I live independently, or do I need extra help?
  • Do I want to move when my needs change later?

Since senior apartments do not typically provide services outside of the norm, future residents will need to access their needs, preferences and abilities. For instance, seniors who need medical services are not a good fit for certain locations.

However, age-specific housing is still an option for residents who are active and need little to no assistance. Some individuals may hire a housekeeping service separate from their housing if they are still able to live independently but need or simply want some help.

Why Retirement Communities are Great for Seniors

The social aspects available in senior living housing are typically noted as the biggest advantage for older individuals. Retaining social connections and going to planned events is beneficial for seniors.

Without work as the primary activity to which all other options relate, retirees can feel lost. While freedom is one of the many joys of retirement, aging minds are familiar with structure and schedules, such as those that come with planned activities.

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