Light Up Your Patio

If you are designing, renovating, or sprucing up your patio space, learn everything you need to know about superior lighting and outdoor features from this handy guide.

Are you tired of not being able to use your patio in the evenings and at night? Do you desire to transform your dull, lifeless patio into a beautiful, relaxing oasis? This guide will show you exactly how to light up and decorate your patio in the most aesthetically pleasing way, expert tips for choosing patio lighting, and where to find all the lights and materials you need to complete your project. 

Best Ways to Light Up Your Patio 

There are few times during the week when you can enjoy your patio to its fullest, as often people are away at work or running errands during the peak sunshine hours. Since that only leaves late afternoons, evenings, and weekends, you absolutely need to find effective ways to use your patio at dusk or dark comfortably. There are many ways you can light up your patio and achieve your desired aesthetic and ambiance. Follow along below to find out the best types of lighting for exterior patios below. 

Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are a wonderful way to achieve a casual island-vibe right in your own backyard. While the fuel-lit flames are certainly beautiful, you can also benefit from fending off mosquitos and other irritating insects if you add citronella. Of course, since you are dealing with fire, you must take certain safety precautions when adding them to your porch such as keeping flammable materials at distance. 

Fire Pits 

Fire pits provide natural lighting while additionally providing cooking opportunities, warmth, a centerpiece for your patio, and a place for everyone to come together during events. Furthermore, traditional fire pits may require digging and construction, yet modern fire pits can be purchased as stand-alone pieces making them an accessible option for most.  


Lanterns come in many different styles, sizes, and colors making them the perfect option for different aesthetics. You can achieve a cozy and inviting space by stringing lanterns across a patio, or you can create a classic space with lanterns on poles, or a modern and practical look by installing them to your exterior home wall as sconces or deck lights. 

String Lights 

String lights, also known as fairy lights, create an enchanting space. While the individual lights can be small to medium sized, they can emit quite a large amount of light once they are strung appropriately. You can string them along eaves, along stone walls or fences, or weave them overhead if you have a pergola to create a lighted roof. 

Deck Lights 

Although deck lights are usually installed on a porch or deck, you may be able to accomplish the simple look and style if you have any walls, fences, or posts around your patio. Many deck lights are also solar-powered which make them environmentally and economically friendly


Sconces are timeless ways to light up your patio, if you have the ability to install them on a wall, fence, or post. Furthermore, since they are such a popular option, there is a sconce in every color and design you can imagine. Undoubtedly, you will find one that suits your exterior style perfectly. 

Table Lamps

Table lamps, designed specifically for exterior purposes, are a quaint, affordable way to add lighting and ambiance to your outdoor space. You can find battery powered outdoor lamps as well as lantern-type styles in which you can easily place candles. In most cases, people combine table lamps with other types of lighting to add a cozy, warm effect. 

Expert Tips for Choosing Lighting 

Although choosing lighting can certainly be one of the more enjoyable aspects of home improvement, you may need extra help to ensure you make the right choice. In fact, you only need to pay attention to a few aspects to set up excellent lighting:

  • Coordinate Everything: One of the best design spaces for outdoor spaces is to match the colors of your lighting fixtures with other prominent items on your patio. The unity will bring a certain harmony to the space, while the actual lighting will add an inviting effect. 

  • Lighting Color: Lighting color is very important. You could design your whole patio with precision but throw off the final look completely with the wrong color choice. Soft white and amber are usual choices for gentle lighting. 

  • Wired or Wireless: Remember to consider wires when you are making your lighting selection. If you do not have adequate ways to hide extension cords or outlets, you may wish to opt for battery-powered or solar lights. 

  • Outdoor Material: It is easy to mix up interior and exterior lighting. However, it is important to choose outdoor lights because they can hold up against different types of weather and climate changes.

Ways to Decorate Your Patio 

Lighting is not the only way you can create an exceptional-looking patio. You may also consider adding any of the following features to make your patio really impress at an event or simply be more comfortable for you and your family:

  • Plants and Flowers: Greenery and bright colored flowers are one of the best ways to make any space look luscious. 

  • Patio Furniture: If you would like to spend any long amount of time on your patio, adding chairs, lounge chairs and a table are the perfect additions. 

  • Pools or Fountain: A water feature makes any patio truly aesthetically pleasing and peaceful. When lighting plays against the water at night, you will feel as though you created a magical haven.

  • Pergola: A pergola is a great way to achieve shade during the day and provide a place to string up lanterns or fairy lights at night. 

  • Grill or BBQ: If you already have a firepit, consider adding a grill or purchase a free-standing BBQ. There is nothing like grilled food on a lovely summer evening to start an event or a family-dinner off wonderfully. 

Where to Find Lighting and Patio Features 

There are many places where you can find high-quality exterior lighting, furniture, fountains, grills, and other features. In the United States, the most popular retail stores for these articles include:

If you feel as though design is not your strongest suit, you may wish to invest in a consultation with a qualified interior and exterior designer. A local designer can help you pick lighting and desires for your patio that work well with your climate, weather, and other exterior concerns. They can also help you determine which pieces and color combinations will give off the vibe you are striving for. If you are interested in a professional design consultation, a local landscaping company may be able to help.