Hire The Best Contractors for your Room Addition

Room additions are major projects. Read how to hire the best contractors for your room addition today.

Room additions are major projects. Hiring the right contractor for the job is essential for peace of mind during the project and ability to enjoy the new room later. Room additions include guest rooms, kitchen expansions, sun porches and more. Hiring a reputable contractor to help plan your project is an important early toward your project’s success. Read how to hire the best contractors for your room addition today.

Why a Room Addition?

Before beginning a room addition project ask yourself why you are starting the project. This question is important because it sets the tone for your project from beginning to end. Reasons for adding a room range from personal to financial, and logistical to practical.

Create More Space

The need for more space in your home is created by various scenarios. A growing family is a top reason people choose to undertake a room addition project. The home you purchased as a couple might have been an excellent money-saver or choice for other reasons when you bought it. Having a family creates more needs, one of which is increased living space. If you bought a home as a family your children are already in school. A surprise addition to the family does not require you to move when it is possible to simply add a new bedroom for the baby.

Families grow in more ways than one, however. Sometimes parents move back in with children as they enjoy their golden years. Space is needed for practical reasons as well. Perhaps a home business is expanding or your talents in the kitchen are growing. Whatever creates the need, obtaining more space in your home is the main reason people take on room addition projects today.

More Convenient and Affordable Than Moving

Affordability runs parallel to creating more space when it comes to room additions. Moving requires selling your home and purchasing a new one. Moving expenses also come into play, which are never cheap. Moving is also one of the biggest domestic stressors humans experience in life. Not only must you plan, pack, unpack and settle, but you also must establish new connections, travel routes, favorite stores and more. A room addition eliminates the need to move and saves you a lot of hassles in the end.

Boosts Your Home’s Value

A room additional adds valuable square footage to your home. This increases your home’s value when you eventually sell it. The emotional value of your home is also increased via a room addition. More memories are made by you and your family. Buyers shopping for new homes also have an increased sense of connection to a house where the previous owners put extra care and effort into some type of renovation.

Logistical and Practical

Sometimes it simply makes sense to expand your home. Working from home is more common today than ever before. In fact, it is often a job requirement for some new positions. The need for a virtual office space might mean the difference between employment and unemployment for some people. Perhaps you bought a second vehicle and now need a double garage. Maybe you installed a new inground pool and need a separate room or location for your pool party guests to change clothes and freshen up.

Common Types of Room Additions

Room additions are categorized by the room itself and the type of construction performed on the project. For example, a room addition might involve adding a second full bathroom, an expanded kitchen or a sunroom. A new bedroom might be needed for your coming child. A new den or entertainment area might be called for as you expand your social circles after buying a home in a new town. Essentially, any type of room can be added to a home provided zoning is permitted and the structural integrity of the home is not compromised by the addition.

Sunrooms are common room addition types because they allow people to experience nature and sunlight without the need to go outside in unfriendly temperatures. Sunrooms are easy to install in general because they are often without HVAC connectivity and running water. Additional bedrooms and kitchen expansions are also highly popular common types of room additions.

The type and intensity of construction required to complete a room addition project largely depends on the type of room involved in the addition. Bump outs are commonly used to expand kitchen space by approximately forty to fifty square feet but are also used to expand master bedrooms and bathrooms. Full addition projects are the most common and most expensive to take on. A full addition involves the addition of a full, new room to your home. Room conversions and remodels convert rooms from one purpose to another or change and expand the room respectively.

What Do Contractors Do?

A reputable and professional contractor helps assess your room addition needs and plan the project. Decisions about the purpose for the addition, budget and materials needed are discussed. An experienced contractor also knows the reality of what each room addition project entails. For example, you might want a certain type of wood and a contractor will know if it is in your budget, practical for your project or even available at all. A contractor also assesses the structural integrity of your home and knows what type of construction is safe and realistic to undertake. Contractors also:

  • Provide an estimate up front.

  • Purchase all materials.

  • Provide a timetable for completion of the project.

  • Provide updates as the project progresses.

  • Hire third-party services as needed (electricians, carpet layers, etc.).

  • Supervise and perform all the construction to complete the job. 

Importance of Hiring a Reputable Contractor

A room addition is a major event. A reputable contractor puts your safety and needs first. Staying within budget is always a major concern for homeowners and a professional contract strives to work within the financial boundaries you set. Sometimes changes are needed, which lead to additional expenses. The most reputable and professional contractors always consult with you before making decisions or new purchases. Use online resources to locate top nationwide contractors near you such as Thumbtack, Angi, Yelp and HomeAdvisor today.

Average Costs

Room additions vary in price based on the type of room added and type of construction required. Regardless of type and style it is important to anticipate certain costs and understand how they impact your budget. Average price ranges for common types of room addition projects include:

  • Kitchen remodel ($4,000 -$100,000+).

  • Bump outs ($5,000-$30,000).

  • Sunroom ($15,000-$22,000).

  • Full additions ($50,000+).

  • Conversions ($25,000-$40,000).