How To Start Investing in Property

Knowing how and where to start investing in property is confusing when you first start considering various purchase options. Your home is an investment property, but what other types of property are available to help increase your net worth and income? Residential, industrial and commercial real estate (CRE) properties all have serious potential when a solid strategy is employed.


Purchasing real estate is the most popular type of investment among U.S. residents, so why are more people not actively pursuing it? Strategy and knowledge are both essential to making good business decisions. Acquiring both takes time and research and putting in the effort often leads to real financial gains. Do you want to know how to start investing in property? Read this introductory guide on key points about property investment and the best companies to help get you started today.


Property Investment – Key Points You Need-to-Know

Property investing, also referred to as real estate investing, involves the sale and/or acquisition of land and buildings for the purpose of making a profit. Residential real estate investing involves the purchase of various types of buildings in which people live. Commercial real estate (CRE) investing involves the purchase of various types of buildings in which people operate commercial businesses. Industrial real estate investing involves the purchase of a wide variety of building types used for industrial-based or specialized purposes such as factories, warehouses and more. Common types of residential real estate purposes include rental and vacation properties. Commercial real estate includes stores, offices, rehearsal spaces, campaign headquarters for politicians and any building used for operating a business. Industrial real estate might also include shipping yards, dry dock ports, car washes and airport hangers.

Four other paths to property investment.

Four other viable paths into property investing are worth your consideration. Real estate investment groups (REIGs) are essentially mutual funds used to invest in rental properties. Property/house flipping involves the fast purchase and almost immediate resale of a land and/or building at an increased price. A real estate investment trust (REIT) uses investor money to purchase and run income-based properties for the sake of portfolio exposure without having to undergo conventional real estate transactions. Finally, online real estate investing platforms are used for investors looking to partner with other investors for larger transactions/purchases.

Key points.

Knowing what type of property is available for investment purposes is a fundamental part of the investing process. The real estate business is nuanced and full of multiple details, however. What are some other key points & guidance you need to consider about property investment?

  • Know if you have the time, means & desire to be a landlord.
  • Eliminate personal debt prior to making investments.
  • Decide if purchasing with straight cash or financing is best.
  • Obtain your down payment before making commitments.
  • Research locations – they make or break profit margins.
  • Purchase landlord insurance.
  • Calculate operating & unexpected costs in advance.
  • Predict profit margins in advance.
  • Understand applicable laws & legal obligations.
  • Weight out possible pros, cons, risks & rewards prior to investing.

Best Property Investment Companies to Help You Today

Numerous property investment companies are available to help when you are just starting out as a real estate investor. What functions do property investment companies perform? What are some of the best property investment companies to help you today? Read ahead to learn more.


What makes DiversifyFund one of the best and most popular property investment companies with investors of all experience levels in 2021? Investments are crowd sourced into the DiversyFund REIT. DiversyFund purchases all properties directly, which removes middleman-related expenses. Properties are then renovated and rented out for steady income. Signup is easy and convenient to do, requiring only a name and email to accomplish. $500 gets you in the door beginning to invest as well. The DiversyFund website is user-friendly and the company provides a large amount of resources for beginner to experienced investors. What is the best feature offered by DiversyFund? The company makes investing accessible to 99 percent of investors at any level and on almost any budget. offers multitudes of comprehensive resources and information on available investments properties. Their proprietary My Home dashboard provides tools to track the value of a property over time, explore and oversee home improvement costs/options and search for similar properties in the market area. is best suited for helping investors locate the best possible available residential investment property on the market at any given time.


Roofstock is an excellent choice for beginning investors looking primarily for single-family rental homes already occupied by tenants. The Roofstock Academy training program and numerous additional training resources are provided to educate new investors and help them build up extensive skills sets. Signup is easy and convenient using a fast online form. Users are able to sign up by filling out all information or choosing an automated electronic population feature, which utilizes their Google or Facebook account to insert personal information. Roofstock’s resources are good for even advanced investors. Paid classes and training are offered in addition to free calculators, content, an FAQ section and more. Initial investments of $500 or more get you started.


Fundrise is another company making property investment accessible to investors of all experience levels. Fundrise focuses on low-expense diversified portfolios with properties appealing to larger/international investors. This company provides advanced technology-based answers and expert training and guidance, while still making its website and resources valuable for and understandable by beginners. Minimum starting investment is only $500 and signup requires only your email to get you in the door. From there you are presented with more advanced options for your investment considerations.


The RealtyMogul mission statement is to make passive income more attainable for investors of all levels. The RealtyMogul vetting protocol is one of the most renown in the property investment company business today. Comprehensive asset management assistance is also one of the primary RealtyMogul strengths. Three tiers of investor levels are invited. Beginner+ investors are able to utilize the RealtyMogul REIT platform. Accredited investors with $15k-$50k are able to purchase select individual properties. Private Placement investors are able to access 1031-elegible investments as well. RealtyMogul makes it just as possible to raise equity capital, as it is to purchase or invest in properties. The signup-to-investment process involves four stages including account creation, property searching, submission of financial documents and investment approval. All four stages are capable of completion in two days time. RealtyMogul has an informative Knowledge Center, which is perfect for first-time investors and experts alike.