Top Phone Plans For Seniors

Cell phones allow seniors to stay in touch with friends and family and get help in emergencies. Learn about the top Canadian senior phone plans.

No matter what your age, owning a cellphone is a necessity. The majority of phones in use in Canada are all cell phones, with only a handful of landlines still in operation. For seniors, there are many benefits to owning a cellphone. Even if you are not comfortable using the advanced features of a cell phone, they are significantly more reliable than a landline. If there is ever an emergency, you do not have to worry about reaching your landline to call for help. You are also able to call for help outside of your home.

Cell phones have additional benefits as well once you learn how to use them. For example, you can use the calendar feature to make a note of all your appointments, or program alarms to remind you to take medication. It is also a convenient way to store all your contact information. While cell phone plans are often expensive, which is difficult for seniors on a fixed income, Canada has a number of specialized, affordable cell phone plans for senior citizens.

Prepaid Senior Packages

There are a few different categories of cell phone plans available for seniors in Canada. Many providers offer multiple packages, while others only have a limited number of discounted plans. The first type of plan is often considered the simplest, a prepaid package. 

With a prepaid cell phone package, you pay a flat rate for the plan, in exchange for a limited number of data or minutes. Most prepaid packages are inexpensive, but primarily focus on calls and text, with a few options for small data packages. For seniors who only want a cellphone for the most basic functions of staying in touch with family and friends, prepaid packages are an excellent deal.

Customizable Senior Phone Plans

If you are more comfortable using all the features of a cell phone, another option is customizable plans. Customizable plans are similar to traditional cell phone plans, with the main difference being what discounts you receive for being a senior citizen. With a customizable plan, you choose how many minutes you want each month as well as your data plan. Some plans offer additional perks, such as free long-distance calling, or the option to add unlimited calls and texts. However, the prices greatly vary based on your plan, and there may be penalties if you go over your allotted data or minutes.

Senior Travel Plans

Both prepaid and customizable plans are great if you intend to stay in Canada, but these plans rarely offer benefits outside of the country. If you want to travel as part of your retirement, consider getting a traveler plan. Senior travel plans are typically limited in benefits, largely focusing on how many calls or texts you can make, but you are not charged any roaming fees or other services typically associated with using your phone outside of Canada. The rates may vary slightly depending on where you go. For example, Bell and Fido both have plans that charge $10 per day in the United States, but $14 if you are traveling anywhere else in the world.

Family Packages

Family plans allow you to include yourself and other family members under a single plan. While the majority of cell phone providers offer traditional family plans, Canada only has three providers that offer unique senior family packages as of writing. These are Bell, Rogers and Telus. These plans allow up to three other family members to share cellular data at a discounted rate, typically costing between $65 to $70.

SimplyConnect 6GB

SimplyConnect is often considered the gold standard of senior cellphone plans in Canada. It is a prepaid package with a number of benefits. There are a few different variants available, but even a basic plan comes with no long-distance charges and unlimited calls. The basic plan also starts with 6 GB of data, which is not only enough for above average internet usage, but it is frequently more data than traditional cell phone plans offer. You also receive national coverage from the Rogers network.

Another benefit of SimplyConnect is the sign-up perks. As of writing, if you sign a two-year contract, SimplyConnect will give you a free phone, with several selections to choose from. This includes a Motorola G Stylus and Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. Additionally, if you buy a phone from SimplyConnect, you receive a 10 percent discount on your plan. Plans start at $15 each month without any discount.

Cityfone Unlimited Talk & Text

If you want a reliable cell phone plan that does not require signing any contracts, Cityfone is an excellent choice. Cityfone has several tiers of coverage available, but all of the plans include unlimited talk and text. Data plans will cost extra, so it is recommended for seniors who are only interested in making standard calls or texting with friends and family members. Another benefit of Cityfone is the plan applies to the United States as well, making it a good choice for seniors who like to travel. 

A basic Cityfone plan costs $22.50 each month, with a 10 percent discount available if you supply your own phone. If you do not want an unlimited plan, there is a lower tier talk and text plan available for $18 a month instead. This plan only provides 150 minutes of calls and texts, so it is typically used only in emergency situations. If you are attached to your landline but want a phone to bring with you on the go, it is one of the most affordable options available.

Telus Unlimited Can-US

If you plan on traveling to the United States, Telus provides an excellent travel plan for seniors. With Telus Unlimited, there are no overage charges anywhere in the United States. It also includes unlimited data. The Unlimited plan is also compatible with existing Telus plans, acting as an addon. However, it is one of the pricier options, adding another $20 to your monthly plan, so it is only recommended if you frequently travel. A less expensive version is available through the Peace of Mind plan, cutting the price down to $15, but only allowing 100 minutes and no data.