Best Time Clock Software

Does your business have many hourly employees? Use time clock software to keep track of their hours fairly while saving time and trouble.

Every business owner knows time is money. Employees must spend their time wisely. Otherwise, they cost businesses money. Time tracking also helps keep work environments fair. Employees cannot go unpaid for certain time worked when hours are tracked. However, time tracking is often a stressful or time-consuming process for management. That is because manually tracking time is difficult, particularly within larger companies with many employees.

You may wonder if time tracking is worth it, if doing the tracking is your responsibility. The answer is yes. “Should I track employee time?” is not the question. “How can I track employee time efficiently?” is the question. The answer may lie in utilizing time clock software. Time clock software can help you figure out how many hours each employee works. Additionally, it may allow you to view how much time is spent on individual tasks performed within your company, if necessary. Finding such time clock software is easy but selecting the right software program is sometimes challenging. Here are some things to know to make your decision easier.

What is Time Clock Software?

Time clock software is also known as time tracking software or timesheet software. The main purpose of such software is to give employees a way to quickly record hours worked. Time clock software is sometimes used solely to track total hours work. That data determines such issues as when overtime payments are due. 

Certain companies also use time clock software to track time spent by employees on specific projects or tasks. Project time tracking is sometimes useful for client billing purposes or other business calculations. Individual task time tracking is a way to record employee efficiently. It also allows owners and managers to determine best practices for efficient completion of those same tasks by employees in the future. 

What Are the Employee Benefits of Time Clock Software?

Some employees dislike time tracking for various reasons. For example, they may feel too much value is placed on the speed at which they work, rather than their skills. However, when time tracking is performed properly, it has many employee benefits. Some of those benefits are: 

  • Fair Tracking of All Hours (Including Overtime)

  • Recognition of Work Efficiency and Possible Promotion

  • Encouragement of Employee Feedback and Suggestions on Better Time Management

  • Improved Employee Morale/Better Sense of Fair Play in the Workplace

What Are the Business Benefits of Time Clock Software?

The business benefits of time clock software are numerous. Improved time tracking typically leads to better job performances by employees. In turn, production is increased, and more orders are filled per month or per year. Then profits increase.

Time clock software also helps managers identify trends in how time is spent. They can use those trends to reward top employees. More knowledge of time spent also helps managers motivate employees who may struggle at certain times. Additionally, repeat patterns may develop. For example, managers may notice that productivity persistently drops on Fridays. That knowledge can help managers find ways to bring productivity levels back up at such times.

Many businesses must also frequently deal with scope creeps. Scope creeps occur when the scopes or timelines of specific projects are extended. Scope creeps can often occur due to miscommunications or inaccurate planning. Time clock software helps managers avoid scope creeps as much as possible. When they occur, the software helps managers and team members easily track project extensions.

What Types of Time Clock Software Are Available?

Time clock software is not all equal. Timesheet software is typically used by employees specifically. They are responsible for recording the hours they spend performing certain tasks or at work, in general. Time recording software often has automatic time recording features. It takes note of when computers or certain computer programs are used.

Time clock software is available on its own. However, many business management systems and software programs include multiple tools. Sometimes, time clock software is included in such systems or platforms. If you own a business, you might wish to utilize multiple tools to improve it, such as billing, project management, or accounting tools. Therefore, you may opt to subscribe to a platform offering all those tools in one convenient location.

What Are Some Top Time Clock Software Brands?

If you are ready to use time clock software, the next step is choosing a brand to use. Many companies offer time clock tools at varying prices. They also have many different bonus features. Here are some top picks:

  • Paycom offers labor and time management automation. Its platform also includes employee engagement tools and payroll processing options. Scheduling and attendance verification are also incorporated in the software tools available through Paycom.

  • Envoy is designed to help employees and managers deal with modern work concerns, such as at-home or hybrid working. The software allows all parties involved to easily coordinate schedules for on-site work. It also provides managers with a means to make sure team members working remotely continue working efficiently.

  • GoCo is a full platform of apps designed for HR support. In addition to time clock software, it also includes on-boarding, payroll, and workflow management tools.

  • Robohead is an all-in-one platform with an extensive suite of team management tools. Among them are task management, scheduling, and time tracking services. The platform also features project planning and team collaboration tools.

  • Connecteam uses a digital time clock to guarantee total accuracy when recording employee work time data. The all-in-one management platform includes payroll, timesheet, and task scheduling tools. It also features a geolocation tool and automatic clock in reminders for remote employees.

How Much Does Time Clock Software Cost?

You may compare software and find several options suit your needs. To narrow your choices, select time clock software that also fits into the business budget for your company. Companies like Envoy and Connecteam offer free memberships you can try. Although, you may want to upgrade your membership later. If so, you can expect to pay approximately $150 to $300 per month for a mid-sized business. For a large business, contact the companies you are considering for customized cost estimates. Then you can use that information to make a final decision.