Why You Should Retain A Traffic Ticket Attorney

Some traffic tickets are complicated and require legal assistance to handle correctly. Read about why you should retain a traffic ticket attorney today.

Some traffic tickets are minor and therefore simple for drivers to handle without legal assistance. Others are more complicated, especially when license suspensions or other legal issues are potential results. Many drivers do not realize a traffic ticket attorney is able to navigate the legal system and reduce or even eliminate certain penalties, fines, suspensions, and jail time. Continue reading to learn more about why you should retain a traffic ticket attorney today.

Traffic Attorneys Are Important - Here’s Why

Some citations received for traffic violations are earned by drivers breaking state traffic laws. Others are not so cut-and-dry. Discrepancies in the way citation officers handle the situation or additional factors obscuring the truth might open legal loopholes. While most officers attempt to do their jobs correctly, some unfortunately do not. Mistakes are also made by even the best officers on the scene. Even if you are guilty, ways to reduce your penalties you are not aware of might be available. To gain this type of insight and guidance you likely need to hire an experienced and licensed traffic attorney.

Traffic attorneys help reduce the legal, financial, and emotional burdens experienced after a car accident. Were you arrested for driving while under the influence or in an accident where you or another driver was injured? Did you receive a citation for speeding or running a red light but know you are innocent? These types of scenarios and more all warrant the hiring of a traffic ticket attorney to help navigate the legalities of your situation and yield you the best results possible. 

Reasons to Hire a Traffic Attorney - Some Might Surprise You

Some accidents are deemed your fault but are caused by other influences unseen by responding officers. Some witnesses are biased against you regardless of the truth, especially if they were in another vehicle involved in a crash. Traffic cameras and devices used to monitor speed are also sometimes flawed.

Breathalyzer tests are also sometimes flawed. Even if the test you are administered is accurate, however, the responding or arresting officer is required to read your Miranda Rights properly and by-the-letter. State laws do vary but this is essentially the case across the nation. You must be informed on implied consent, the application of the breathalyzer test and your right to refuse its application. You must also be informed of all prospective penalties imposed upon you if you choose to refuse the breathalyzer test. In stressful situations, your Miranda rights and your rights to refusal might become confusing if not read accurately, carefully, and slowly. If you were confused during the arresting process, you might have grounds for the dismissal of your charges.

Many U.S. federal and state roadway conditions are not optimal. The possibility exists your accident was caused by an unattended roadway construction issue, which was left infixed due to budgetary or simple oversight issues. Could you see the stop sign or was it blocked by a local, county or state-preventable obstruction? In some cases, a traffic ticket attorney not only eliminates your penalties and fines but also wins you compensation for any harrowing situations the process caused you to experience.

Your auto insurance company claims to be on your side. When some drivers file a claim, however, they learn this is not always the case. An experienced traffic ticket attorney knows how to communicate properly and effectively with your auto insurance company to get you the reimbursement and settlement you deserve. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer also knows how to reduce the amount you owe in the event an accident is you fault whenever possible.

Sometimes drivers involved in accidents are entitled to settlements from unrelated situations. Attorneys representing other injured drivers from your accident might go after your settlement money to benefit their clients as best they can. Your attorney, however, knows how to protect your settlement funds to the best of his or her ability and prevent you from paying out more money than absolutely necessary.

Additionally, your case might require the filing of complicated paperwork. It might also require interviewing witnesses on your behalf, along with thorough research and the gathering of evidence to support your defense. This latter part is especially vital to DUI/DWI cases or accidents with injuries or fatalities. A traffic ticket lawyer helps navigate all these crucial aspects and more.

Traffic Ticket Attorneys Help You in Courts

Going to court for a traffic violation is never enjoyable. This is especially true when the violation leading to your court date is a serious offense. Representing yourself in court is not advisable. This is true even if you are an attorney or have experience with the legal system and state traffic laws. Most people who represent themselves in court unfortunately fail. The legal system is intricate and complex. Judges and attorneys in a region typically know each other well, at least professionally speaking. Believe it or not many also know each other personally, spending time together on golf courses or in other social or semi-social environments. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is certainly not weighted in favor of you as a self-representing defendant in traffic court. Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer helps you bypass unnecessary issues in court and get to the heart of your case professionally, effectively and with brevity. There are options outside of traditional traffic ticket attorneys available. For instance, in California, services such as Dismissed 4 Less offer $99 traffic ticket dismissal. Their team of lawyers can get your ticket dismissed for as little as $99, and you get to avoid going to court to fight your ticket.

Information and Facts

Many factors influence the issuance of a traffic citation. Logistical and environmental factors are always at play. Circumstantial and discretionary factors also play a role. For example, unseen ice on the road might have caused your brakes to fail and sent you careening through a red light. As stated earlier, external visual impairments might have caused you to not see a stop sign. Posted speed limit signs might not be set up in accordance with state mandated frequency and minimum distance laws.

Finding the Best Traffic Ticket Attorneys Near You

Nearly 112,000 traffic citations are issued in the U.S. each day. Not all these citations are warranted. Even warranted citations might be exposed to flaws based on how the arresting or issuing officer(s) handled the process. If your traffic violation is serious in nature and threatens the revocation of your driving privileges or incarceration, you need to retain a traffic attorney to defend your rights. Fines might be reduced. Fewer points might be assessed to your driving record. Jailtime might be avoided. Some of the best nationwide traffic ticket attorneys and legal firms (and resources to find them) available for your consideration today include: