Tree Removal and Tree Trimming Services

Do you have a dead, damaged or overgrown tree in your yard and need professional assistance to trim or remove it? High-quality tree removal & trimming services are available in your area today. Engaging in DIY tree trimming or removal operations is possible on smaller trees, but is dangerous to you and your property if performed incorrectly. Even DIY jobs on smaller trees involve a certain element of risk, but how do you find the best professional tree trimming & removal services in your area?


The majority of U.S. homeowners are simply not qualified or in possession of proper equipment to safely and effectively trim or remove a tree. Saving money on tree services in 2021 is important, but the potential damage from a DIY tree-cutting operation might cost you more money in the end. Why should you utilize a professional service instead of trying to handle your tree job yourself? How much do professional tree trimming & removal services cost on average? Read ahead for important information about why you should hire a professional tree removal & trimming service in your area today.

Tree Trimming & Removal 101

Trimming a tree is different from trimming a bush or a shrub while standing on the ground. This is true for even a smaller tree, let alone larger trees requiring specialized and dangerous equipment to do the job effectively. Tree removal is even more dangerous and complicated to perform correctly regardless of the size of the tree removed. 

Old, dying, damaged and overgrown trees are dangerous for you, your property and your home. A professional tree removal & trimming service understands the dangers involved with cutting and/or completely removing a tree from your yard. True pro-level services only hire certified, well-trained arborists. Special motorized gear is used on the jobs. Professional climbing and safety equipment is also used when trimming or removing both small and large trees. Broken and damaged branches are carefully removed. Debris and wood are shredded in a highly dangerous wood chipper. Remaining pieces of the tree are hauled off in qualified vehicles as part of the provided service. On occasion and at your request a tree removal & trimming service might also cut your tree into usable fireplace-size logs for an additional fee. 

Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

Knowing how to save money on tree trimming & removal services is important in 2021. Understanding the dangers of DIY tree removal is even more important, however. Do you have the skills, gear and experience needed to safely remove or trim a tree? Trimming or removing a tree is dangerous even for trained professionals. The cost-saving benefits of a DIY tree-servicing job are quickly negated by serious accidents and damage to you, your family or your home.

Trimming an overgrown tree likely requires climbing. Climbing a tree for trimming purposes requires specific safety gear including harnesses, ropes, pulley systems and more. Removing a damaged or dying tree from your property requires knowledge of how and where to make the proper cuts. Are you capable of safely operating motorized equipment with extremely sharp and fast-spinning blades? Removing a tree also requires a significant amount of digging and other safety-related preparations. Are you capable of hauling away wood and debris leftover from a DIY job? Does your insurance cover damage to your neighbor’s property, or medical expenses if you fall/have an accident? The bottom line is: Tree trimming and removal are dangerous tasks best left performed by a skilled, experienced and certified professional service.

Tree Removal & Trimming Services in Your Area Now

The good news is professional and affordable tree-servicing businesses are available in your area now. Both local and national tree trimming & removal services are available to meet your needs, while also protecting you and your property from harm. Certain companies also provide 24-7 emergency services for trees struck by lightning, endangering power lines and more. When hiring a professional service it is always important to consider cost. Cost-risk benefits quickly turn negative, however, if you are seriously injured or a falling tree damages your house. 

Costs for tree trimming & removal services vary based on numerous factors. How tall is your tree? How large is its canopy? Are the tree and its debris getting hauled away, cut into firewood or both? All these factors and more play a part in determining the final cost charged for tree-related services. In general, the national average costs for hiring a professional tree trimming & removal service range up to $400 through $900 or more. Jobs for smaller trees might cost under $200, however, but trimming or removing larger trees, especially those in dangerous locations/positions could cost up to $2,000 per tree.

A basic Google search including your needs and zip code helps you locate professional tree trimming & removal services in your area. Asking friends, family, coworkers and people at church for recommendations is also frequently helpful. Angie’s List offers both a tree removal search and customer reviews. Yelp also provides helpful customer reviews of various local and nationwide tree trimming & removal services near you. Another list of helpful resources and popular tree removal & trimming services in your area includes: