Benefits of OOH Marketing

Are you seeking new and interesting ways to expand your business quickly? Use out of home marketing to increase the visibility of your brand.

Promoting your business may seem easy due to the technology available today. You have many different advertising options. If you are like many business owners, you might opt to advertise on cell phones or other electronic devices, such as televisions. Those advertising techniques are certainly valid and potentially beneficial. Almost everyone has cell phones and televisions these days. However, only advertising using such methods limits your audiences in unnecessary ways. For example, some television apps allow viewers to skip commercials. Users also often do not bother looking at cellphone advertising.

Another type of advertising is called out of home (OOH) marketing. It is also known as out of home advertising. There are multiple OOH techniques you can potentially use to make customers more familiar with your business. To use those techniques efficiently, you need to understand OOH strategies and benefits. You must also explore the costs associated with OOH advertising to make sure it fits in your company's budget.

What is Out of Home Marketing?

Out of home marketing is any type of advertising designed to capture the attention of potential clients when they are not in private residences.  Some types of OOH advertisements are commonly seen in outdoor areas. Others are located within public facilities, such as airports. The purpose of OOH marketing is to capture the attention of shoppers, travelers, or other individuals who are in transit between two locations or visiting public facilities. In fact, the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) reports such advertisements are noticed by approximately 90 percent of travelers within the United States.

What Are Common Types of Out of Home Marketing?

Among the most common types of out of home marketing are billing boards. Although, they are better known as billboards. Billboards typically line the sides of large highways and other well-traveled roads. They often advertise restaurants, accommodations, and attractions in the areas where they are located. Businesses frequently use billboard advertising, but they also often take advantage of other OOH opportunities. Some popular options are described below:

  • Retail and point-of-sale (POS) advertisements are typically seen in or around stores and malls. They can consist of advertisements like banners or displays of particular products in strategic locations, such as by registers. Advertisements in elevators are also examples of retail advertisements.

  • Transportation advertisements are advertisements shown on the sides of various vehicles. Subways, buses, and taxis commonly display such advertisements.

  • Construction advertisements are often quite large. They serve the dual purposes of advertising products or services while establishing perimeters around construction sites. They are sometimes placed directly on the sides of buildings, but often they are featured on temporary fencing or similar structures.

  • Street advertising is another common form of OOH. Street advertisements can consist of banners hanging from telephone poles or other structures. They also include advertisements on public benches, at bus stops, or in other outdoor public areas.

  • Signs are also common OOH advertising materials. Some are informational, such as signs in a mall directing shoppers to where a particular store is located. Others are placed on the street or in the windows of shops and describe their goods or services. 

What Are the Benefits of Out of Home Marketing? 

Visibility is one major advantage of OOH marketing. The technique of OOH advertising for a business is often more successful than other advertising techniques because OOH advertisements are harder to ignore. They are often seen by large, somewhat captive audiences. For example, travelers who commute on subways often sit in one position for a certain length of time. Therefore, they are apt to look at the advertisements on the insides of the subway cars. Similarly, travelers with layovers in airports often wander around between flights and may remember many of the advertisements seen in those airports.

Another advantage of OOH is it is well suited to targeted advertising options. As an example, a company that produces protein shakes can order a series of television or online advertisements to advertise that shake. However, not all viewers of those advertisements are likely to care about protein shakes. If that company advertises their shakes using signs in fitness centers, their audiences are likely to be far more receptive. Therefore, the advertising money is well-spent.

What Are Some Top Websites for Creating Out of Home Marketing Materials?

If you want to use OOH advertising techniques to promote your business, you need to find companies to help you create your advertisements. In some cases, you may need to utilize the services of multiple companies. It is important for those companies to have trustworthy reputations and offer the types of advertising you want. Here are some companies whose services and reputations may meet those requirements:

  • Minuteman Press International has been providing printing services since 1973. It has several locations throughout the United States. Its available OOH advertising materials include banners, stickers, signs, and posters. Minuteman also provides a range of optional services, such as graphic design.

  • Uprinting offers dozens of advertising options. They range from small items like business cards to large floor decals, banners, and aluminum signs. 

  • Vistaprint has been one of the most recognized leaders in online printing services for many years. Car magnets, flags, and vinyl banners are among the many types of OOH advertising materials available through Vistaprint.

  • Lamar is the top company in the United States for large advertisement production. Its specialties include airport and transit advertisements, as well as standard and digital billboards.

  • Clear Channel Outdoor is one of the oldest and largest OOH advertising companies in the United States. The company provides large-scale advertising services. Among them are billboards, wallscapes, and posters.

How Much Does Out of Home Marketing Cost?

There is no specific cost for OOH marketing. The types of advertising materials selected and geographic locations in which they are placed greatly impact the costs. For example, advertising on a public bench can cost between $75 and $500 per month, depending on where the bench is located. Billboard advertisements can cost as little as $750 per month or several thousands of dollars. Typically, urban billboard rental is more expensive than rural billboard rental. 

Ultimately, the most important factor when purchasing any form of OOH advertising is the cost per view, also known as the cost per impression. Since OOH advertisements like billboards and posters are visible to hundreds or thousands of people, the costs per view are not entirely predictable. However, they are always likely to be relatively low.