Best Online GED Programs

A GED program allows you to get the equivalent of a high school diploma and go to college. Learn about several top online GED prep programs.

Not all students are able to complete high school. Some students are pulled away by family obligations while others enter the workforce. If you were unable to complete high school but want to continue your educational career, you can get your general educational development (GED) degree instead of going through high school. On average, it takes three months to complete your GED, making it much quicker than going back through high school. Getting your GED requires completing an exam, which covers everything you would learn during high school. You can prepare for your GED by taking a practice course.

GED practice courses teach you all the necessary material for the exam. The GED exam is divided into four categories. These are mathematical reasoning, social studies, science and language arts. Some courses cover all the material, while other programs are divided into one of the four categories. Prep courses often include practice tests, so you know exactly what to expect from the main exam.

Requirements to take the GED

There are only a few requirements to get your GED. First, you must not currently be attending school, or have previously graduated from high school. In most states, you must also be at least 18 years of age to take the exam. Beyond those basic requirements, some states also require you to be a resident in the state you want to take the test. Other states require you to be out of school for a certain amount of time before taking the exam. A list of state requirements is available online.

Benefits of an Online GED Program

If you were unable to complete high school because of other obligations, it may be difficult to take a GED prep course. There are several programs hosted during the evening, meant to be more accommodating for workers who are otherwise busy during the day. However, if you also have family obligations, or are located too far away from the prep course, these classes are still not viable options. Instead, you can take an online GED program.

Online programs work entirely around your schedule, allowing you to view and study the material whenever you have the time. Unlike traditional online classes, there are no portions of the class that require you to interact directly with other students at a predetermined time. Any sort of lesson can be viewed as a video at a later date. You also have a wider range of programs to choose from, since you are not limited solely by whatever programs are available near you.

While online classes are convenient, there are a few downsides to consider. During an online course, you do not get the direct interaction with an instructor. However, most instructors allow you to contact them outside of class hours to ask questions or receive feedback.


Kaplan is considered one of the top online GED programs. It is entirely on-demand and self-paced, taking place over the course of three months. In addition to the base lesson, users can access over 150 course videos, which contain additional study tips and advice for taking your GED exam. Some of the videos are short lectures, while others are in-depth lessons as long as 90 minutes. Kaplan is also an excellent source for practice tests, featuring questions from previous GED exams. You can either focus on one of the four subjects or take general tests to cover your entire knowledge. Kaplan also features live classes as well, if you want to directly interact with an instructor and other students.

The cost of courses varies depending on how much access you want to the site, with a basic membership costing $69. This includes access to the preparation course and some practice tests, but not the extended lessons and full suite of study material, which is only available if you pay $129. Kaplan offers a money-back guarantee, refunding your membership cost if you do not pass your GED exam. While it is one of the pricier options, Kaplan boasts a high record of success and customer satisfaction.

GED Live

GED live is another program offered through Kaplan. For these courses, Kaplan partnered with the GED Testing Service. Each of the classes focuses on one of the four subjects covered on the GED exam. The purpose of the courses is to brush up on a subject you are not feeling confident about. An individual class costs $59, but package deals are available for all four subjects. While the classes are hosted live, there are on-demand options to watch any lessons you are unable to attend. Unfortunately, practice tests are not included with this option unless you pay extra. Each practice test is $6 per subject, or $19.99 for a package deal of tests. If you only need to focus on one or two subjects, GED Live is an excellent alternative to taking an entire prep course.

UGO Prep

UGO Prep is another online GED prep service that allows you to customize your learning experience by signing up for individual courses. However, because of the pricing plan, most students end up taking all four lessons through UGO. As of writing, an individual course costs $32.99 each, but all four subjects are available for $69.99. All of the material is available on-demand, with no live lessons available. UGO Prep includes both practice questions and simulated exams. All students also receive access to review guides for their courses. UGO advertises itself as one of the fastest programs, with most students completing the material within two weeks. Additional study material, such as audio lectures and flashcards are available through the site, but you must pay an additional fee for these services.


Gedeno, also known as GED Prep, is favored among future GED test takers because all of the resources are available for free. This includes prep lessons, practice tests and study guides. The downside is the material is not as diverse as some of the paid prep courses. One area Best GED Classes excels at over other options is lessons on how to take the exam. This includes advice on reading the questions, managing your time and how to reduce stress if you start to feel overwhelmed.