Top 4 Home Security Systems

Home security is something that everyone thinks about but rarely acts upon. Many believe that a strong door and good lock are enough to keep their home safe and secure. Most of the time this may be correct, but not always. That is why home security systems exist. A locked door may not always be enough to keep your home, your family, and your belongings safe and secure.

There are quite a few home security systems and companies offering home security services out there, and it can be hard, if not nearly impossible to choose which system or services is right for your home. You might decide to go with a simple doorbell camera, or a full home security system. To help you better understand the home security market, we’ve compiled our four top picks for home security systems, to help you get started on your home security search. Whatever you choose, you are sure to be more secure.


ADT, almost everyone has heard of this Home Security behemoth before. They have been in the home security business for over one hundred years. And they have grown in those years so as to better protect you and your home. ADT certainly has the experience, but they also have the tech to be a top choice for home security.

ADT maintains nine professional monitoring centers. This is more than any other home security service on the market. And with more monitoring centers means more degrees of safety, as you’ll almost never be without monitoring, even should a center go dark due to weather or natural disaster.

ADT offers a level of protection that other services don’t- name recognition. Any thief, burglar, trespasser, or other criminal is going to think twice upon seeing the ADT sign in your yard. Deterrence through a simple sign, because they know that your home is monitored 24/7 by the most experienced home security service in the business. Of course ADT does not come cheap. You are paying for top quality equipment, professional installation, and a hundred plus years of experience. However, ADT knows that price shouldn’t determine safety, and often offers deals on equipment costs to help out their customers. When you sign a contract with ADP you are signing up for long term safety and security.


Vivint is known for their home automation systems. In addition to home automation, Vivint offers some incredible security features that really make their system a top choice. Vivint combines AI technology and high-end security gear, which helps Vivint stay a step ahead of their competition, and miles ahead of any threat to your home. Some of today’s most pressing security threats, such as package and mail threats, and home intruders before they get anywhere near the front porch. And with the possibility of 0$ down consumer financing, Vivint ensures that home security can be for anyone.

Vivint has outdoor security cameras and video doorbells with built in systems designed to deter thieves or intruders looking to steal packages, break into your car, or trespass on your property. Both the cameras and the doorbell camera will begin recording video if either system detects motion, but what really sets them apart is a shrill audio tone. This audio tone helps scare off would be intruders and thieves before they can harm your home.

Vivint also offers full-service support and professional level installation. In addition Vivint provides 24/7 active monitoring. With all these great features, you know your are in good hands. The only possible “downside” is the price. This is a comprehensive security system, and that comes with a price. However, their price can be financed, and their monitoring charge is in step with other professional security companies.


Frontpoint is next on our list. There are plenty of do it ourself home security systems available, all which are far cheaper than home security companies such as Vivint or ADT (both companies that made this list). And while Frontpoint may be a DIY security system, Frontpoint is one of the few that can actually compete with the big name home security companies.

Frontpoint systems include both indoor and outdoor cameras, smart home integration, and even 24/7 monitoring. What sets Frontpoint apart is that you get all that without blown out equipment prices or lengthy consultations. Frontpoint offers two different monitoring plans, and great service, you’ll be sure to find the security you need from Frontpoint.

The reason Frontpoint makes our list is flexibility and independence. It’s a DIY security system, so you have control over what is installed, and where it is installed. However, unlike many DIY security systems, you don’t miss out on quality with Frontpoint. You have the option to get everything you would from other home security groups (outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, doorbell cameras, App integration) as well as fire, water, and carbon monoxide monitoring. Frontpoint does have higher upfront costs over some of the competition, but you certainly don’t sacrifice quality.


Cove is the final home security service on our list. One of the newer services available, Cove seeks to make a name for itself through its customer focused approach. Cove strives to offer affordable monthly prices for their services, and they make it easy to cancel their service if you decide that it isn’t the right choice for you. Cove has options that let you out of your contract without paying additional fees. They offer tight security, but are still relatively new to the home security game. However, they are definitely a service worth looking into.