Private Security Costs

If you are considering private security, it is best to be informed about your security options and the associated costs. Find out everything you need to know in this short, helpful guide.

If you are concerned about the safety and security of you, your family, or your home, you may be looking into hiring private security. Likewise, if you are interested in protecting your business, your business, your employees and your clientele, private security may be an ideal option. Accordingly, this guide will explain what private security is, the types of private security you can choose from, the costs of private security, and the top private security companies in the United States.

What is Private Security?

Private security is a type of protective service for people, property, or assets. Typically, private security companies create and carry out personalized plans for their clients after determining their specific needs. They may employ various modes of private security to adequately deter and prevent theft, vandalism, or violence. Moreover, private security may work independently or in conjunction with public security, or government-funded and operated operations such as the police.

Types of Private Security

When you are searching for private security options, there are many types to evaluate to see if they are a proper fit for your home or business. You can either hire an in-house security guard or a contract security guard. An in-house security guard is specifically chosen by the people or companies that hire them, rather than selected by a private security company. You may see an in-house security guard in a bank, hospital, clinic, hotel, nightclub, bar, museum, or in a high-tech industry. On the other hand, a contract security guard is security personnel and equipment that people or companies can hire through a special agency or company. 

Under each umbrella, there are many different types of private security including:

  • Unarmed Security: The most common type of security is unarmed security. They do not carry any weapons, yet they are still effective at deterring threats. They patrol properties, monitor security systems, respond quickly to any dangers or threats, and perform crowd control and access control.

  • Armed Security: Armed security, or security carrying weapons, is effective in high-threat situations. For instance, they may be employed when a person’s life is in danger, a company holds high-value assets, or if a property is in an area with a high amount of crime. 

  • Bodyguards: Bodyguards are a type of armed security. They are highly trained to protect government officials, politicians, company heads, celebrities, or people under high-threat. 

  • Patrol Guards: Patrol guards are tasked to routinely check a property, home, or business for any threats or suspicious activities. They will also respond to any immediate activities signaled by alarms or emergency calls. You may see patrol guards in parks and school campuses. They may also be tasked to constantly patrol areas such as residences, dorms, or large properties. 

  • Video Surveillance Officers: Video surveillance officers watch live camera footage and conduct consistent surveillance on high-threat areas to a property, home, or business. They may also be tasked to patrol areas and respond to immediate threats. 

  • Event Security Guards: Event security guards oversee allowing entry, maintaining crowd control, and keeping order at events. You may see event guards at parties, concerts, sporting events, amongst other high-profile events. 

  • Private Security Drivers: If you are in a high-risk area, or you need extra security driving between venues, you may be interested in a private security escort and driver. They are typically armed. 

  • Bouncers: Bouncers are a type of private security employed for restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. They oversee access control and order control. They also check to make sure clients are of legal drinking age to ensure the legal compliance of the establishment. 

Costs of Private Security 

One of the main factors in any investment is the associated cost, especially private security where you wish to make sure you are receiving high value for the price. According to Security Guard Training Central, the average cost for basic security services is between $12 and $22 per hour. 

That said, most people will pay higher rates if their security is highly trained or experienced, armed, or working in a particularly dangerous or threatening environment. For instance, if you wish to hire an experienced, armed bodyguard, you may be looking at prices between $60 to $100 per hour. It is also important to keep in mind that these higher fees cover the bodyboard’s willingness to put their life on the line to protect someone. 

If you employ private security on an ongoing basis, you can expect to pay anywhere between $40,000 and $800,000 annually on private security. You may need to pay further initial fees to set up adequate home or business security systems and surveillance as well.  

Top Private Security Guard Companies

If you are searching to hire an in-house security guard, many individuals or companies choose to hire ex-military or ex-police officers as they are highly trained in responding to threats or have experience with using weapons. With a private security company, you may have access to multiple types of security and security equipment. In most cases, this may be an ideal solution for people, homes, and businesses. The top private security companies in the United States are: 

  • ADT: ADT offers state-of-the-art security systems and patrol services.

  • Allied Universal: Allied Universal provides security guards, patrol services, investigative officers, executive protection, and high-tech security devices.

  • Control Risks: Control Risks offers executive protection, event security, unarmed security, armed security, and drivers. 

  • Fast Guard Service: Fast Guard Services has security guards for all types of venues, event security, drivers, protective surveillance, amongst many other customized services. 

  • Garda: Garda is a world-recognized private security company that offers both security guards and patrol services. 

  • Securitas: Securitas has a wide array of private security options for people and corporations. They provide access control, concierge, emergency response, patrols, loss prevention, events, amongst many others. 

  • American Hawk Security: American Hawk Security is well-known for their event security, bodyguards, and security guards for a variety of venues.

  • Spear Security: Spear Security specializes in security services for locations such as supermarkets or hospitals.