All-In-1 Restaurant Management Software

As a restaurant owner or manager, you know that running a successful establishment takes more than just great food and a welcoming atmosphere. You also need to manage your operations effectively, from scheduling staff to tracking inventory and taking reservations.

Restaurant management software can help you streamline these processes, giving you more time to focus on creating memorable dining experiences for your customers. With restaurant management software, you can access all the tools you need in one place, including POS systems, inventory management, and online ordering.

How Restaurant Management Software Can Help Your Business

Using restaurant management software can greatly improve the efficiency and profitability of your restaurant. With this technology, you can automate many of the time-consuming tasks that come with running a restaurant, such as tracking inventory, managing employee schedules, and taking reservations. This frees up your time to focus on providing excellent customer service and creating delicious food. Additionally, restaurant management software can help you make data-driven decisions to optimize your business. For example, you can analyze sales data to identify which menu items are most popular and adjust your inventory accordingly. You can also use the software to track employee performance and identify areas where they may need additional training or support. Overall, implementing restaurant management software can help you run your restaurant more smoothly, improve the customer experience, and increase profits.

Top Restaurant Management Software on the Market

Running a restaurant is not an easy task, and requires a lot of time and effort to manage everything effectively. Fortunately, there are several restaurant management software options available to help streamline business operations and increase revenue. In this article, we will review five top restaurant management software brands: Toast, Lightspeed, TouchBistro, MarginEdge, and BPA POS.


Toast is a cloud-based restaurant management software that offers a comprehensive range of features, including point of sale (POS), handhelds, display screens, online ordering, and email marketing. It is an all-in-one platform that combines powerful software, restaurant-grade hardware, and transparent payment processing to make running a restaurant much smoother. Toast’s employee management solutions make labor management a breeze, freeing up more time to focus on customers and food. Toast offers four pricing tiers: Starter Kit (free), Point of Sale ($69/month), Essentials ($169/month), and Custom (get a quote online).


Lightspeed is a versatile restaurant management software that allows businesses to diversify their offerings with delivery and contactless online ordering. With this software, restaurants can move tables and adjust their floor plan using the app, and accept different types of payments to give customers the flexibility they need. Lightspeed also offers contactless solutions to prioritize safety and convenience for guests and staff. Lightspeed does not publish pricing information online, so customers need to call to talk to an expert for a quote.


TouchBistro is a fast and reliable POS system that offers all the features needed to run a restaurant effectively. With TouchBistro, restaurants can boost on- and off-premise orders, drive repeat business, turn tables faster, and increase average check size. The software also offers easy-to-use tools and reporting to help with cost savings, reducing food waste, monitoring staff performance, improving FOH-to-BOH communication, and more. TouchBistro offers a starting price of $69/month with online quotes available.


MarginEdge is a restaurant management software that supports more than 60 POS systems and all major accounting systems. The software automates tedious processes, connects systems, and streamlines key activities such as inventory, bill pay, and ordering. MarginEdge also provides real-time food and labor cost data, a daily P&L, theoretical usage reports, and other actionable reports that are updated daily. To get a quote, interested parties can schedule a demo online.


BPA POS offers free restaurant software with any of their POS hardware systems. Their industry standard custom configurable Restaurant POS hardware systems come with a wide range of features, including loyalty programs, gift card processing, inventory, time tracking and payroll, and a complete accounting system. BPA POS offers a complete solution for a great value, with their software starting at $155 per month.

Choosing the right restaurant management software can help streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase revenue. By carefully considering the features and pricing of each option, restaurant owners can find the right software for their needs.