Top 5 Online Accounting Degree Programs

Accounting jobs have always been in high demand, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accounting jobs are expected to jump by over 10% by 2029.

One of the reasons there are so many more job opportunities is an increase in entrepreneurship. Managing a business is difficult, with most managers focusing on getting their business up and running without worrying about the financial side. One of the most common recommendations to both new and existing business owners is to hire an accountant to handle the finances.

Accounting is also a popular major because of the nature of the courses. Accounting primarily focuses on fact-based learning. Unlike other degrees, there are minimal practical requirements, making it an excellent degree for online programs. There are a number of accounting careers to choose from, each of which has different requirements. More information about obtaining an accounting degree online, including five of the best online classes, are listed below.

Types of Accounting Jobs

For the most basic jobs, you only need to get certified or obtain a diploma in accounting. Obtaining a diploma is much quicker than getting a degree, with most programs taking a year to complete. With a diploma, you can get a job working as a bookkeeper or clerk. Certification is even quicker, often taking one or two months to complete. Both of these options are normally available from community colleges or accounting schools.

More advanced jobs require either an associate or bachelor’s degree in accounting. An associate degree typically requires 60 credits, which takes two years to complete. A bachelor’s takes four years. Both of these degrees open up a number of job possibilities, such as working as an auditor or budget analyst. There are also advanced degree options, which typically require extra certification or taking specific classes. Some examples of specialization include forensic or tax accounting. These specializations are often required to get the highest paying accounting jobs. It typically takes an extra year of classes to become specialized.

Finally, you can get a master’s or doctorate in accounting. These degrees are sometimes required by larger employers, such as government jobs. These degrees normally take an additional two to six years to complete, depending on whether you want to specialize further.

Maryville University of Saint Louis

Maryville University is a popular choice for new accounting students since the program has minimal requirements. The university accepts credits from many other colleges, making it easy for transfer students to apply. The school focuses on an associate degree program, which typically takes 2.5 years to complete. Tuition is around $12,000. There are no application fees, and all students have access to free 24/7 tech support for any online classes. There is an additional acceleration program available for graduates who intend to get a master’s degree.

Trine University

Trine University is part of the Ketner School of Business, which has taught accounting classes and business law dating back to the 1880s. The online accounting program covers traditional lessons, but also places an emphasis on other useful skills, such as communicating with clients and developing business strategies. There are also advanced classes, focusing on leadership and working alongside a larger accounting team, which is common with larger corporations. There are courses available to earn a diploma, associate or bachelor’s degree. Trine also hosts an accelerated program, so you can complete your degree quicker. Trine charges a flat fee per credit, with most classes costing around $300 to $400.

Keiser University

Keiser University is one of the first schools in Florida to develop an online learning program. It is also one of the only universities to offer accounting classes entirely in Spanish. There are multiple degrees available, but most students attend online courses for a bachelor’s in accounting. There are also classes for specializations, including auditing, non-profit accounting and taxation. Many businesses partner with Keiser University, scouting out new accountants, leading to many students getting employed shortly after graduation.

The average cost to get a bachelor’s degree is $27,000. However, there are many financial aid options available. Both local residents, military members and veterans receive tuition discounts for either online or in-person classes at Keiser University.

Southwestern College

Southwestern College is a private university in Kansas. It does not have as many online accounting options as other colleges, but it is popular for students who want quick certification. The online certification course only takes six weeks to complete. Because it is so short, there are eight separate enrollment periods throughout the years. There is a longer bachelor’s program available as well. Southwestern College allows students to bring up to 94 credits from other universities, making it possible to complete the bachelor’s program in three years. In 2020, the average cost of tuition was around $20,000.

Baker College

Baker college is the largest nonprofit university in Michigan. The school has an extensive online accounting program, but it is most commonly known for having a strong bachelor’s program. The graduation requirements are much stricter than other universities. Students must complete two separate internships, one for accounting and one for general business. However, the program includes many resources to help students find these internships. Many students appreciate getting practical experience, as it makes it much easier to find a job after graduation. There are also hybrid courses available, which use both online and traditional in-person classes. Baker college charges by credit, with most courses costing around $400.