Top 5 Walk In Tub Companies

Every senior citizen has to ask themselves at some point if their mobility has lessened and they are unable to safely navigate a traditional bathtub or shower. Mobility is a key concern for seniors, especially in and around the bathroom, where slippery surfaces can pose a danger to one’s health and safety.

One’s own health and safety should be a top priority, and nobody should feel unsafe when trying to take a bath or shower. This is what walk in tubs are for. Walk in tubs are specifically designed for seniors and other people who have mobility difficulties or disabilities. Deciding on a walk in tub is a step towards safety and security.

Here are the top five walk in tub options on the market:

The Dove Meditub:

The Dove Meditub is the first entry on our walk in tubs list.  The Dove Meditub is a smaller walk in tub, giving it versatility, allowing for a fit for smaller spaces.  In addition the Dove Meditub provides easy walk-in access who are limited in mobility.

This walk in tub is made with industrial-strength acrylic, ensuring that it will stand the test of time, and be a great long term investment for your health. Another great feature, the Dove Meditub offers the convenience of a shower stall.  Not all walk in tubs can offer both bath and shower capabilities. Because the Dove Meditub is a smaller, compact walk in tub, it can fit in small spaces, and replace existing bathtubs or shower stalls, which means installation does not require significant remodeling. It also means that this option is perfect for smaller living areas, like tiny houses, or mobile homes.

The Dove features a variety of add on features as well.  You can choose to add hydro-massage or air massage jets, or even a combo of water and air jets.  These add ons can have many therapeutic benefits. Additionally you can choose to add chromatherapy or aroma therapy options which use colored lights and essential oils respectively.

Bathing Solutions:

Bathing solutions offers several different tub models.  Unlike some walk in tub companies, Bathing solutions does not have a one size fits all philosophy. They have plenty of different models, so there is sure to be a model that fits your needs. Of course offering overviews of all ten models Bathing solutions has on offer would make this list far too long, so we will stick with their basic model, the Model 28.

The Model 28 is a standard walk in tub, meaning that it has a watertight door that allows for easy entry and exit from the tub.  The door itself swings inward. With a low step, grab bar, and anti-slip floor, the model 28 is designed with safety in mind. The model 28 can also come with Hydrotherapy, Chromotherapy, and Aromatherapy options, as well as air jets. Bathing solutions offers a life time warranty on the tub itself, and they will install the unit for you, so you don’t need to worry about difficult installation. Priced on the low to mid range of walk in tubs, the model 28 costs about $3,500 to $5,500 with an additional $2,000 or so for installation services. A great deal for your safety and security.


In today’s unprecedented time of a global pandemic, dealing with a brick and mortar store is unsafe and nearly impossible. Enter AmeriGlide, an online distributor that offers excellent service and great prices. AmeriGlide has an incredible conversion option, which runs about $1,000 plus the cost of installation.  This option is for those who want to convert their existing tub to have a low threshold walk in access (which can include a leak proof door if desired).

If you aren’t interested in their conversion option, they also offer full walk in tubs. AmeriGlide’s lowest offering comes in at around $2,300 plus installation costs. As with many walk in tub companies, AmeriGlide does offer options for hydrotherapy jets, air jets, and even an auto drain feature. This tub comes with a 10 year warranty on the tub, and a lifetime warranty on the seals, with lower year warranties on the electronics. The base model does not have a seat in the tub, instead features the traditional single-level tub elevation.  You can spring for more expensive walk in tub models, which reach the $3,000 to $5,000 price range (plus installation fees).  These tubs have a wider range of add on features, such as seats, wider doors, and wheel chair accessibility.


If you are ready to spring for add-ons to your walk in tub, then Boca is the option for you. Boca has been reviewed multiple times as the best Walk In tub company for well-equipped tubs, and additional features and options. Boca Tubs are highly customizable, allowing you to choose up to 18 air jets and 10 water jets, allowing for better therapeutic options. Compared to other tubs with optional jets, the Boca tub adds a further level of customization, allowing you to choose where in your tubs the jets are situated. This allows better options for your body.

With additional options for light therapy, aroma therapy, a heated system or heated backing, a rainfall shower overhead, and the Boca Vibes sound system, a Boca tub is perfect for getting exactly what you want out of your tub. There are also various safety options you can choose, such as temperature readouts and grab bars for the wall and tub. With a lifetime warranty, Boca is a great options.  The only downside is that pricing is not available online.

Ella’s Bubbles:

The last walk in tub maker on our list, Ella’s Bubbles offers a fairly expansive range of tub models which are designed for both form and function. They offer many models with standard features, such as tempered glass doors. These greatly improve the look and feel of the tub, enhancing your enjoyment. In addition to standard soaking tubs, they also offer two person walk in tubs and wheelchair accessible tubs. With a relatively affordable price range ($3,000 to $9,000, as seen on third party retailer’s websites) Ella’s is a company to consider.  The one area in which Ella’s is lacking is their warranty policy.  While the tub itself has a lifetime warranty, many of the supporting options and components only have a five year warranty.