What Are My Work From Home Options?

In today’s uncertain times there are many Americans who find themselves without steady incomes or any job at all. It is times like these that unemployment safety nets and options need to be stronger than ever, yet finding and applying for unemployment benefits, or other work opportunities has proven difficult if not downright impossible. There are federal relief programs, state programs, and work from home opportunities that can provide income while you look for a new full time position.

Work From Home Opportunities:

If the above programs are unavailable to you or you’d like to try your hand at making money your own way, there are ample opportunities to make money from home.  Here are just a few of the best work from home opportunities available right now:

Medical Transcriptionist:

Most medical transcriptionists work directly for hospitals or in general practitioner’s offices, but due to the tasks of the job, transcribing medical dictation, most can easily work from home.  All that is required is a computer, a desk or workstation, and an earpiece or headset.  Most medical transcriptionists are self-employed, although you can find work directly through local hospitals and doctors.

Data Entry:

Many different businesses need workers to handle various data entry tasks.  While many businesses are scaling back, there are some businesses, such as shipping and delivery that are holding strong through the pandemic.  Such businesses may require data entry positions.

Freelance Writer:

Content, specifically articles for news, blogs, or advertising, is always needed.  Every site on the internet has content, and many sites and internet companies use third party writing companies or freelance writers to write their content.


Blogging is an interesting option.  It doesn’t have the security of the other options, but should you find an audience you can be successful.

If you are unsure if any of these work from home opportunities are right for you you may instead want to look into your unemployment options while you look for new work opportunities.

Unemployment Benefits: Federal Programs

The three main forms of Unemployment Benefits through the federal government are unemployment Insurance, Educational Help Programs and training, and Self-Employment Help. Unemployment Insurance is the main Unemployment benefit that most people will make use of.  But don’t discount the benefits of Educational and Self-Employment help.

To get money through Unemployment insurance programs requires that you be eligible to receive the benefits.  Different states have different eligibility requirements, however the core guiding principle is that you need to have lost your job through “no fault of your own”. With the current Covid-19 pandemic and many state’s stay at home orders adversely affecting how many businesses are able to operate on a day to day basis, many American’s are finding themselves laid off.  There are unemployment relief efforts in progress.  To find out if you qualify for unemployment, and to find out how to apply you can search your state HERE. Each state will have a different requirement for applying for unemployment benefits. Some states allow you to file for benefits online, while others have toll-free numbers to call. There may be additional methods to file for unemployment, each set by the state.

Unemployment Training Programs:

If you have been laid off from your job you may qualify for any or all of the following programs:

  • The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
  • Dislocated Worker/ Rapid Response Program
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance

All three programs offer funding for qualifying individuals to succeed in new fields after being laid off from their current field.  There are additional federal training programs for those who are unemployed and you can browse them HERE.