Hair Loss Services: Get Treatments Delivered to You

Approximately fifty million men in the U.S. experience androgenetic alopecia. Nearly eighty-five percent of them experience it prior to turning fifty years old, with an average of thirty-three percent having it before reaching the age of thirty-five. The more commonly used name for the condition is male pattern baldness and it has a significant impact on the psyche and self-confidence of many men who previously had resilient personalities and strong self-esteem.

Hair loss is not a problem for men to face alone. Female pattern baldness occurs most frequently in post-menopausal women. While the causes behind hair loss in women are not fully understood, diminishing post-menopause hormones are suspected of playing at least some role.

Hair loss is a major concern for millions of Americans. Fortunately there are many hair loss treatments centers available to help both men and women. Read on for more important information about hair loss and some of the best treatment brands and services available today.

Coping with Hair Loss

Coping with pattern hair loss is a challenge for both men and women. Each gender deals with the issue at different stages of life and each must also face the impact as it applies specifically to them. While some men embrace bald or shaved heads, many do not. Women especially are rarely seen with balding heads and, while both genders deal with issues of lessened self-confidence and increased frustration, it is fair to say pattern baldness affects men and women each in at least some unique ways.

Coping gracefully with hair loss takes patience and perseverance for some people. Mistakes tend to be made by covering up with hats or growing in comb-overs. Constantly wearing hats on thinning hair breaks the hair and exacerbates the hair loss. Comb-overs draw additional unwanted attention to the issue as well. There are FDA-approved medicines and effective treatment plans available to help cope with pattern baldness and other types of anxiety-inducing hair loss. Conveniently, many of these hair loss services allow treatments to be delivered directly to you.

3 Popular Hair Loss Treatment Brands & Services

Some hair loss treatment brands and services are currently more popular in the U.S. than others. There is a matter of personal choice among consumers. Some people prefer the convenience of home delivery hair loss services combined with telehealth appointments in the comfort of their own homes. There is also a matter of efficacy. When a hair loss treatment works, consumers keep using it. The popularity of current hair loss treatments is dependent on a wide variety of factors combining the wants and needs of millions of men and women across the country. 3 of the most popular hair loss treatment brands and services today are:

1. Keeps

Keeps is a popular hair loss treatment and prevention subscription service focusing only on male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). This solitary focus helps Keeps maintain low prices for its customers. The medicines Keeps purchase are both FDA-approved and generic. Dealing only with androgenic alopecia also helps streamline consultations and treatment approaches. Consultations are not available in every U.S. state but are handled conveniently and securely online in states where allowed. Video conferencing services are not provided but telehealth phone calls with board-certified, registered physicians are. Medication subscriptions are available in every U.S. state, provided prescriptions are obtained in alternate, permissible states. Keeps services are not covered by any insurance plans but the initial consultation and first month of medicine are free. Keeps subscription plans start at an affordable $20 per three months and increase to $105 per three months for more intensive treatment plans.

2. Bosley

Bosley provides hair transplant and hair loss treatments for both men and women. The popular brand has more than four decades of experience, during which 275,000+ people were treated around the globe. Bosley’s two primary treatment focuses are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). These are surgical methods designed to achieve a more natural hair restoration result. Bosley has eighteen total complaints registered to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), six of which have been recently resolved. Bosley employs licensed physicians, however, and also sells only FDA-approved medicines. Laser therapy, platelet-rich plasma and scalp micropigmentation are also provided as treatment options. The average hair transplant procedure through Bosley ranges from $6,000 to $10,000+. Consultations are free and both telehealth and video conferencing services are available.

3. Forhims

Hims is an online telemedicine company placing combined emphasis on mental health, skin, sex and primary care in addition to its Forhims hair loss treatment services. Similar to Keeps, Forhims is a for-men-only service. It sells the FDA-approved medicines along with several other proprietary hair restoration products. Signing up with Forhims starts by filling out an online questionnaire. Once approved and as recommended by a Forhims physician, subscription plans starting at $22 per month are eligible to be activated. Consultations are free and Forhims offers a ninety-day money-back guarantee on all products and services. Individual products sold include a saw palmetto shampoo and biotin-based gummy vitamin. Forhims leaves even negative reviews up on its website yet still receives a 4.2 out of 5 rating from customers. Some customers report a fifty percent increase in hair growth everywhere but the hairline due to using Forhims treatments.