Why Choose Rental Furniture?

Have you ever considered renting furniture instead of buying it? Discover the benefits of furniture rental.

Traditionally, moving into a new home means either bringing existing furniture with you or purchasing new furniture. However, buying new pieces for your new place can be a daunting and expensive task. It is even more tedious and expensive when you have to do it more than once. If you are like most Americans, you will live in approximately 11 different residences over the course of your life. You may not want the hassle or expense of furnishing all of those residences the traditional way.

If you want new furniture, buying it is not your only choice. Renting it is also an option. You may think of rental furniture as only for special events, such as wedding receptions. However, it is also a viable choice to help you meet your regular furnishing needs in your home. It is not the most traditional option for furnishing your residence, but it is one definitely worth considering. Here is why you should choose furniture rental.

You Can Rent All Types of Furniture

Rental options can provide you with easy access to any type of furniture you can imagine. You can rent basic furniture, but you can also opt to rent normally expensive pieces that you cannot afford to purchase. Therefore, furniture rental is a great way to enjoy a sense of luxury without breaking your budget. Furniture rental is also often a good choice when you need furniture for one specific event, such as a party. You can rent office furniture, if needed. 

Rental for Specific Travel and Moving Situations

If you are relocating for work, there is a lot of stress involved. One of the biggest problems is your employer may not pay your relocation expenses. If you are relocating temporarily to continue working for your current company, purchasing all new furniture or moving your existing furniture may not make sense. Even if you are told it is a permanent position, you may want to avoid buying new furniture until you are sure it will last. Renting furniture provides the perfect solution in either case. Other moving situations where rental furniture is often appropriate include: 

  • Moving as a Temporary Student

  • Temporarily Moving to Care for a Sick Loved One

  • Moving to a Different Country

  • Moving in with a Significant Other for the First Time

Renting Furniture When You Are Not Moving

Moving is one of the main reasons to rent furniture, but it is not the only reason. Your profession or side business may require furniture rental. For example, if you are in the real estate field, rented furniture can help you stage the properties you are trying to sell. Similarly, if you own a property you want to rent to travelers occasionally, rental furniture allows you to make the property more appealing to guests while avoiding a major initial monetary investment. You may also opt to rent furniture if you feel like you need a change in your home and want to test a new furnishing style.

The Furniture Rental Process

When you are ready to rent furniture, you can browse the selection your rental company offers. Typically, you can choose pieces individually or opt for groups of pieces that go together to furnish a complete room, such as a full living room set. You must then decide if you want to rent the furniture one month at a time or sign a longer rental contract. Longer contracts often provide better per month rates.

Although not always the case, it is likely you must pass a credit check to rent the furniture you select. The credit check is performed before any rental contract is signed. Once you pass the credit check you can coordinate delivery of the furniture with the company. 

Top Furniture Rental Companies and What They Charge

There are many furniture rental companies all over the United States. Several have multiple locations, and many allow you to rent furniture online and have it shipped straight to your door. Each company has different rental rates for furniture depending on the piece, your geographic location, and the length of your lease. Here are some top companies and sample prices:

  • CORT has been in business for over 45 years. Residential and office furniture is available for rent through CORT in 48 states. Prices for each piece vary. For example, the Oasis Sofa costs $73 per month to rent on a six month contract. CORT also offers outdoor furniture for rates ranging from $20 to $40 per month.

  • Brook Furniture Rental serves 18 U.S. states. The company offers furniture specifically for renters on tight budgets. Brook has exceptional customer service and waives damage fees for renters with insurance. Rental fees are different for each furniture piece, but sofas range from approximately $50 to $100 per month for renters on six-month rental contracts.

  • Fernish provides high-end furnishings for rent and supplies in-house designers to help you furnish your home in style. The company provides rent-to-own furniture with a requirement that you rent at least $99 worth of furniture per month. Most Fernish sofas cost approximately $80 to $100 per month to rent. As of 2021, Fernish only serves renters in portions of California, Washington, and Texas, but the company is rapidly expanding.

  • Aaron's has 1,301 locations in the U.S. and 24 in Canada, as of 2021. Unlike some other companies, Aaron's offers furniture, electronics, and appliances for rent. Therefore, you can furnish an entire apartment or home easily through Aaron's. Aaron's also offers rent-to-own pieces. Sofa rentals through Aaron's range from approximately $35 per month for a basic sofa to over $500 for a high-end, three-piece sectional.

  • Rent-a-Center (RAC) is a national chain offering rent-to-own options. Like Aaron's, RAC offers furniture, appliances, and electronics for rent. If you rent-to-own and pay your balance early, you can get a discount on your items. One unique feature of RAC is you can enjoy complete flexibility by renting furniture for as little as one week at a time. For example, a basic sofa costs approximately $15 for a one-week rental.

Take Care When Renting Furniture

Renting furniture is often a great option, but it is not without pitfalls. Make sure you fully understand the policies of your rental company, especially how much notice is required to end your rental contract. Also, keep in mind you may have to pay for damaged furniture, unless the company accepts your insurance policy. As long as you are satisfied with the terms, you can enjoy all of the flexibility, function, and fun rental furniture has to offer.