Top 7 Quality Home Office Chairs

Having a top quality home office chair positively changes the dynamics of how you feel when working. Proper height and lumbar support are crucial to feeling comfortable for long hours at a desk or in front of a laptop. The best home office chairs also offer flexibility in movement and the ability to alter other elements of your position so you get the most productivity out of your day. There are many quality options for consumers to choose from but which home office chairs are the best available? Read on for information about the top 7 quality home office chairs for 2021.

Working From Your Home Office in 2021

2020 saw a significant increase in working from home scenarios due to COVID-19-related shutdowns and restrictions. Surveys show how approximately sixty-six percent of Americans prefer to work from a home office environment continuing into 2021. Owning a top quality home office chair changes the dynamics of how you feel when working in a positive way. The highest quality home office chairs allow for adjustable height, solid lumbar support and flexible moving parts to make necessary adjustments throughout your workday. Keep reading for details about the best home office chairs on the market now.

2021 Top 7 Quality Home Office Chairs

The vast amount of home office chairs on the market today creates a consumer dichotomy. Having a multitude of options from which to choose is an obvious positive, but how do you know which home office chairs make the best choices for you? The best home office chairs each present several distinct reasons compelling you to buy them. There are also features and qualities every top home office chair has in common. Deciding which one is best for you is a matter of personal needs combined with the best comfort/features available. The top 7 quality home office chairs for 2021 are:

  1. Herman Miller Aeron Chair.
  2. Steelcase Series 1 Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair.
  3. Branch Task Chair.
  4. Interion 5-Way Black Adjustable Ergonomic Stool With Arms.
  5. Humanscale Freedom Office Desk Chair with Headrest and GEL Seat.
  6. SOHO Mid Century Modern Soft Pad Management Chair.
  7. Alori Task Chair.

1. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is commonly considered one of, if not the, best office chairs available. Nearly everything on it is adjustable. The Aeron provides eight tension zones of fabric and some of the sturdiest lumbar support of all home office chairs today. This top-tier chair also supports up to 350 pounds of weight and is sold with a variety of seat width options. Priced at a discounted MSRP of $1,228.25 the Aeron is one of the most expensive home office chairs you can buy, albeit also one of the best.

2. Steelcase Series 1 Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

The Steelcase Series 1 Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair looks like a comfortable chair. It is in fact a comfortable chair, rated best in class in no small part due to its ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 Office Seating cushion. Everything is adjustable and lumbar support is strong. Eleven bold color options are available for the mesh back and flexors. Twenty-five colors are available for the upholstery. MSRP when buying directly from the online Steelcase store is $399, however adding and removing options changes the price accordingly. Additional features include a weight rating of three hundred pounds, synchro tilt capabilities and a locking back angle adjustment.

3. Branch Task Chair

The Branch Task Chair is a reasonably priced high-quality home office chair. Buying it directly from Branch costs $249 plus taxes and shipping, while traditional retail dealer prices jump to as much $395 or higher. The Task Chair provides adjustable lumbar support and a woven mesh back for breathability and flexibility alike. The maximum weight supported is three hundred pounds. Three-way adjustable armrests, twenty degrees of tilt range on the backrest and a four-inch height range are all versatile features contributing to the Task Chair’s popularity among a wide range of consumers. Additional ergonomic features include three inches of adjustability on a seat pan capable of synchronizing with the tilt options for maximum comfort configurations.

4. Interion 5-Way Black Adjustable Ergonomic Stool With Arms

The Interion 5-Way Black Adjustable Ergonomic Stool (with arms) is a versatile, comfortable and highly supportive home office stool. The Interion 5-Way functions more like a highly customizable personalized chair, however, especially when purchased with the also-adjustable armrests. The MSRP is a modest $150.30 before taxes and shipping but the stool far outperforms its price tag. The backrest locks into place leaning forward or backwards. Height is adjustable to an almost standing-desk level, making the chair ideal for taller consumers. The armrests adjust outwards to provide more sitting space and the weight rating is 275 pounds. The Interion 5-Way has a slightly industrial look to it while also providing optimum comfort and position control.

5. Humanscale Freedom Office Desk Chair with Headrest and GEL Seat

The Human Scale Freedom Office Desk Chair w/Headrest and GEL Seat is a gorgeous, minimalist looking chair. The New York Times once proclaimed this chair as setting a golden standard for office seating due to its ability to adapt to each sitting consumer. There are no reclining levers or tension dials for making adjustments. The unique recline function automatically adjusts to each person’s spine as they adjust their body position. Lumbar support is therefore fluid. Models are fully customizable with a starting MSRP of $1,169. Additional accessories are also available for purchase. Weight rating is three hundred pounds. Colors are bold, classic and professional looking in tone.

6. SOHO Mid Century Modern Soft Pad Management Chair

The popular SOHO Mid Century Modern Soft Pad Management Chair from Laura Davidson Direct is priced at a modest $295. It is so popular it is backordered until January 22, 2021. The SOHO is also sold in Italian Leather and Fabric styles, providing beauty and comfort with a variety of classy appearances. The Armrests are removable. Three soft pads are provided for your back and posterior. The lifts are BIFMA-rated Class 4 lifts, which are widely considered the most durable available. Assembly is quick and the weight rating on the SOHO is an industry leading four hundred pounds. This chair is ergonomically sound and looks equally fantastic in home office and professional settings.

7. Alori Task Chair

The lowest-priced home office chair on this list is still one of the best chairs available in 2021. The Alori Task Chair is priced at $196 on Amazon, but currently on sale through Wayfair at the time of this writing for a modest $71.99. Features include a standard tilt mechanism, a breathable padded seat, swivel, an ergonomic backrest and more. Pneumatic controls raise and lower the seat on the chair and the weight rating is 250 pounds. The chair itself is quite light, weighing in at only twenty pounds. This makes moving it from room-to-room an easy task when needed. The backrest is made of open mesh for breathability and lumbar support is provided by a comfortable, firm albeit flexible plastic brace across the back of the chair. The Alori Task Chair is by far the best high quality budget home office chair available today.