Find the Best Website Building Service For Your New Website

Building a new website for your personal project or business is an exciting experience filled with anticipation about your upgraded online presence. Logos, videos, content, and online store options are all common elements involved in the process.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also a crucial part of driving traffic to your website and encouraging visitors to engage even deeper into the site. Trying to build and code your own professional grade website from scratch, however, is a process more complicated than most people are aware.


The advantages of using a professional website building service are significant for people having little to no experience with web design. Professional services offer time saving and streamlining benefits even to those who do have a reasonable amount of applicable experience. Read ahead for information about the top 5 available website building services and the advantages they provide today.

SEO & the Challenges of Building or Coding Your Own Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is easily the most crucial part of driving traffic and customers to your website today. Google is the largest and most frequently used search engine in the world and therefore the majority of SEO is done to meet Google’s preferences and demands. According to Statista, Google owned 88.14 percent of the collective search engine market share as of October 2020. While the concept of SEO is simple, building and coding your own website to rank and perform well on Google and the remaining popular search engines is a complicated process requiring experience and skills most self-aspiring web designers do not have. Hiring a professional service to build your personal or business website assures you the best SEO possible, leading to an improved online presence and better interaction with your target visitors.

Differences Between Personal & Business Websites

There are as many potential reasons to build a website as there are people in the world with ideas needing a visible outlet. Websites are generally classifiable as being for personal or business purposes and the majority of professional website building services approach pricing, plans and design based on one or the other. An example of a personal website is one created to share wedding pictures and registry gift requests. A business website tends to have more features including an online store and subscription options. While some plans for personal websites are actually free, they are also usually subjected to limitations and embedded adware. Reasonably priced monthly subscription plans for both personal and business websites range from under $5 per month for basic services to $40+ per month for advanced commerce subscriptions.

Advantages of Using a Professional Website Building Service

The best professional website building services include automated SEO features in their packages and plans. While some are more effective than others, having any professional level of SEO support provided is a significant advantage for people not knowing how to code for SEO. This allows you, as the creative force, business owner or both behind your website to focus more on the purpose and design of your website.

Website design templates offer additional advantages. The style and amount of templates available vary with each service although most companies provide ample choices. Most template choices are automatically included with the monthly subscription charges. Additional advantages of using a professional website building service include:

  • Traffic and marketing analytics are often provided.
  • Automatic accounting is frequently done for online stores and eCommerce sites.
  • More time is available to run your businesses or handle personal affairs.
  • Setup time for even the more advanced sites is limited.
  • Numerous customizable options allow your personality to be displayed with minimal effort.
  • Significantly more affordable than hiring a ground-up specialized website firm.

5 Popular Website Building Services for 2021

Many professional website building services help create functional websites at high qualities. Many also have flaws or limitations. The best website building services offer high quality templates for a wide array of personal and business customers. The inclusion of SEO services is essential for online store and other business customers. There are also website building companies specializing in mobile and social media applications. A combination of all or most of these traits is what largely determines the popularity of a company with modern consumers looking for a fresh new personal or business website. Here are 5 popular website building services for 2021.

1. Wix

Wix was founded as a free website building service in 2006. Since its inception Wix advanced its technology, features and flexibility to make it one of the top market share performers of all website design companies heading into 2021. Its popularity is partially due to its convenient drag-and-drop design features and hundreds of templates designed to catch the eye of younger startup-driven generations, restaurant owners, artists, cutting edge businesses and more. Wix offers free plans with 24/7 customer support. Its paid plans range from $14 to $39 per month and all include free custom domains for the first year.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace services over two million websites and is perfect for people looking for some of the highest quality of templates on the market. The included SEO features are also highly effective, and customer service, while available only via email, is generally fast to respond. Squarespace prices are slightly higher than other similar services, indicative of its higher quality visual presentation. No free plans are available but Squarespace offers a fourteen-day free trial to evaluate the service. Squarespace pricing ranges from $12 to $40 per month with up to thirty percent savings when certain plans are purchased annually. The popularity of Squarespace is largely attributed to its general ease of use combined with how professional and impressive its entire line of templates looks.

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers multiple internet and website-based services. While GoDaddy is a popular domain name marketplace and hosting service, it also offers an easy to use website builder with a free trial. The GoDaddy SEO features are also some of the best in the business for its higher priced plans. Its services also include an all-in-one marketing solution including email marketing and social media content creation. GoDaddy templates are optimized for mobile use and offer something applicably visual for most customers. Plans range from $9.99 through $24.99 per month.

4. has been in business for decades and is still one of the most well-known and popular services on the web building market today. This company does not offer the simple drag-and-drop features of many of its competitors. In exchange it offers more control to those who have some experience building websites but still need the templates, assistance and award-winning customer service provides. One of the most popular features of is the vast amount of plugins utilized to customize your website and increase SEO functionality. Personal and Premium plans are only $4 and $8 per month respectively. Business and eCommerce plans run $25 and $45 per month respectively.

5. Duda

Duda offers a free plan including more features than most free plans on the market. It was created in 2009 on the foundation of suspected iPhone popularity and web browsing impact. Duda is focused therefore on websites needing to look as stunning and powerful on a mobile phone as they do on laptops or other devices. One highly popular feature is the ability to save your edited, customized website as a template for future use. This is advantageous for sending out multiple smaller marketing campaigns to different platforms. Duda offers a fourteen-day free trial and plans are priced from $14 to $44 per month.