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In today’s fast-paced business world, companies require reliable and efficient tools to keep up with the ever-changing industry trends. Market research, analytics, and data visualization are essential for any organization to make informed decisions. This article features five companies that offer unique solutions to help businesses gain insights and make informed decisions. From AI-powered platforms to low-code data app platforms, these companies provide a range of products that cater to different business needs. 


Newton X: Customized B2B Full-Service Market Research 

Newton X is a full-service market research company that provides customized solutions to help businesses gain insights and make informed decisions. Their proprietary AI-driven search scans 1.1 billion professionals across 140 industries to find the exact person to answer any kind of question. Every search is custom, ensuring that data is never recycled, and 100% fraud-free research is guaranteed.  

Newton X offers large-scale quantitative surveys, facilitates qualitative interviews, engages in long-term consultations, and provides custom research. They do not retrofit B2B full-service market research into B2C methodologies, which makes their methodology unique. With their consistent and current understanding of key industry developments, NewtonX clients can keep a close pulse on the relevance of their industry.  

Analytic Partners: Adaptive Marketing Analytics 

Analytic Partners provides adaptive marketing analytics that incorporate the full range of customer, operational, and touchpoint data to truly represent the customer journey. Their Commercial Decisioning Platform, GPS Enterprise, measures and analyzes a wide array of marketing, business, and external data.  

Commercial Analytics identifies and measures each activity’s impact and ROI in the context of both internal and external factors. With a more holistic view, businesses can go beyond media and marketing optimization and identify all the factors that affect their commercial performance. Analytic Partners understands performance by Geography, Store, Channel, and Persona, and provides performance metrics and impacts of competition, market, or the economy in real-time with always-on Live Models.  

Momentive: AI-Powered Insights Platform 

Momentive provides an AI-powered platform built for speed that helps propel research efforts. They offer purpose-built insights solutions tailored to any industry, organization, role, or need. Their AI engine is fueled by the 55 billion questions answered on their platform, providing an ideal balance of human perspectives and technology.  

Their machine learning models can instantly surface significant trends and sentiments. Momentive provides sophisticated analyses and research techniques, including key driver analysis, conjoin & maxdiff, van westendorp, and cluster analysis. They also offer an integrated global panel, reducing the likelihood of bots, fraud, and misuse to maintain high-quality response standards. Momentive consultants act as a trusted partner and extension of businesses' teams, providing custom research design, language translations, and analytics and reporting.  

P3 Adaptive: Power BI Model & Reports 

P3 Adaptive offers a unique approach to data visualization with their Power BI Model & Reports service. They provide end-to-end action loops, no surprises, and real-time project advancement updates. Their proven approach cuts to the chase, often being halfway done when others would still be writing specs.  

P3 Adaptive’s Power BI Model & Reports service includes building Power BI models and reports from scratch, auditing of existing Power BI efforts, and end-to-end action loops. They focus on improving businesses, not merely informing them. They quickly digest what businesses need to achieve and work backward from that goal.  

Domo: Low-Code Data App Platform 

Domo is a low-code data app platform that combines data integration, BI, and data apps to help businesses utilize data to improve how they work. Their platform provides a variety of capabilities to support digital transformation.  

Domo’s Business Cloud® is designed so that anyone can use data to get work done, whether they are a data expert or novice. The platform allows businesses to integrate data from all sources, combine, cleanse, and transform data sources, get fast insights with powerful visualizations, collaborate with internal and external teams, guide decision-making with predictive insights and alerts, and maintain data integrity and governance.  


These five companies offer unique solutions to help businesses gain insights and make informed decisions. From customized B2B full-service market research to low-code data app platforms, businesses have a range of options to choose from based on their specific needs. These companies provide reliable and efficient tools that help businesses keep up with the ever-changing industry trends.