Top 6 Contact Lens Subscription Services

As any contact lens user knows, there is nothing worse than going to put on your contact lenses only to discover expired lenses , and you have run out of new ones. Suddenly, an unplanned visit to your local store has to get  worked  into your day, while you wear glasses or – do not do this – old contact lenses.

Why Use A Contact Lens Subscription Service?

Wearing contacts beyond their expiration date is one of the leading causes of eye infections in the U.S. Other risks include reddening of the eye, inflammation, partial or total loss of vision, and moderate to severe pain. 

But what if there was a way to avoid this? What if you could have fresh contact lenses delivered to your door on a regular basis, so you always have a pair available?

Here are some of the top available contact lens subscription services.


As the CEO of Aveo admits, overwearing is a grave problem. This is one problem you can tackle with Aveo’s ultra-hydrating, high-oxygen, super-soft lenses. Aveo lenses are 58% water and their aspheric optics design matches the curve of your eye, giving you crystal-clear HD vision throughout your entire field of vision. Aveo manufactures and distributes these themselves, saving you extra mark-ups.

Price: from $36 per month

Your box: 60 lenses delivered as you need them

Perks: New customers get 20 lenses for $5. Discounts for quarterly and annual subscribers.

Eyeglass World

This traditional eye care specialist has numerous stores across the country, with licensed optometrists for vision screenings and eye exams. Eyeglass World has  now adapted to the subscription service trend and started to offer their own boxes. If you do not have a prescription yet, or prefer the reassurance of getting your products from your optometrist, Eyeglass World is a fantastic option.

Price: from $15 per month

Your box: 90 lenses delivered to your door every 3 months

Perks: First month free + free glasses after 12 months of subscription


Hubble was founded to offer affordable lenses and save their clients valuable time. Hubble has  partnered with St. Shine. This 20 year FDA approved manufacturer produces lenses with 55% water content, a thin edge and UV protection. This design makes them ultra comfortable, easy to insert and offers super clear vision.

Price: $36 + $3 shipping per month

Your box: 60 lenses delivered to your door every 28 days

Perks: New customers get 30 lenses for $1 


These contact lenses are some of the most comfortable on the market. Each lens offers UV protection and a breathable design with a water content of 58%. Waldo also offers glasses designed to block harmful blue light  emitted from digital screens. Whenever one is sold, Waldo funds the cost of a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need.

Price: $19.50 per month

Your box: 30 lenses delivered as you need them

Perks: New customers get 20 lenses for $2.95

1 800 Contacts

This disruptive company launched the industry’s first way to buy contacts online back in ’95, and then was the first to launch a mobile app within the eye care industry. Impressive!
They offer a wide range of contact lenses and the chance to take an eye exam online to verify your current prescription if your old one has expired. Contact your provider to get your prescription if you have lost it.

Price: dependent on product

Your box: dependent on product

Perks: New customers get 20% off their first order, 5% off future orders, Free torn lens replacement 

Scout by Warby Parker

The eco-friendly, conscientious option. Warby Parker was founded to offer glasses at an affordable price, and partner with nonprofits to ensure for each pair of glasses , one is distributed to someone in need. When it came to the design of their contact lenses, they wanted to save space and came up with an innovative flat pack that uses 80% less packaging. This also is more hygienic in that it reduces the need to touch the inner surface of the lens.

Price: $110 every three months

Your box: 180 lenses flat-packed

Perks: New customers get 12 lenses for $5

Caring for your eyes

If you have ordered your new contact lenses, here are some helpful tips to protect your eyes:

  • Always take your contact lenses off before going to bed, give your eyes time to rest
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses when swimming, bathing, or showering
  • Before touching your lenses, wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly
  • Do not use saliva or anything other than the recommended solutions for lubricating or rewetting your lenses
  • Double check you are putting them on correctly. When you pop one on your fingertip, it needs to form a “cup” shape.
  • Be mindful of long or chipped nails, as it is easy to scratch your eyeball
  • After taking them off make sure you use an eyedrop to hydrate your cornea
Make sure you visit your optometrist every year for a routine check up