What Are the Top Senior Cellular Plans?

In the current technological world, a cell phone is becoming a necessity. Cell phones allow you to instantly be able to connect with friends and family all over the world. If you are elderly there are many benefits that come with owning a cell phone.

Set medication reminders and calendar alerts for your doctor’s appointments, use voice activated calling, and more. However with the vast growing cell phone market there are many phones and plans to choose from and finding the right phone plan can be tough. Luckily several companies (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint) have dedicated senior discounts that all offer amazing benefits. There are even dedicated senior cell phone plans offered by these companies in the form of Greatcall and CC (Consumer Cellular). Here are the best senior cellular plans, their prices and the features of each.


Pricing: $30/month for the AT&T Senior Nation Plan.

Key Features: Basic plan- 500 Night and Weekend Minutes. 200 Anytime minutes. The Unlimited Elite plan offers unlimited talk and text.

One of the big titans of the cellphone industry is AT&T. This company has many different cell phone plans ranging from extravagantly priced plans to very affordable ones. They even boast an awesome senior cell phone plan called AT&T Senior Nation. The Senior Nation plan at AT&T, at the time of writing, is the least expensive plan the company has to offer. Though basic, the plan offers 500 night and weekend minutes, as well as an additional 200 anytime minutes. As far as basic plans go, this is still fairly basic. If you are a senior looking for just an emergency phone, or one to keep in touch occasionally this plan is the best option. The only qualifier to get this plan is living 65 consecutive years in a row. Expect to pay $30 a month for the basic plan. Plans do not include a phone, which must be purchased separately.

AARP members have another route they can take should the Senior Nation plan not suit. The Unlimited Elite plan is an extended plan package but comes with better benefits like: Unlimited Talk and Text, Coverage in the U.S. and Mexico. It comes standard with a 100gb of data to use. This means you can check your email or respond to someone on Facebook all from your phone.  

The last senior cell phone plan offered by AT&T is the Unlimited +55 plan. (only offered in Florida). Florida residents must come in person to sign up at their local AT&T stores. This plan is nearly identical to the Senior Nation plan offered nationally but has a few extra discounts and perks like Spam and Fraud blocking capabilities.


Pricing: T-Mobile Essentials Unlimited 55+ Plan starts at $27.50/month.

Key Features: International Data and Texting. Streaming Options, 3G Hotspot, and Unlimited Talk and Text within the US.

T-Mobile, another large cell phone company has many plans, but only one senior cell phone plan as of the writing of this article, and one if you live in Florida. This senior plan is called T-Mobile Essentials Unlimited 55+ plan. Though they only offer one plan, it comes in various packages. If you are 55 years of age, you are eligible to join the plan. The most basic package includes international data and texting, HD streaming options, and a 3G hotspot, as well as unlimited talk and text within the U.S. This service is also available to customers in Canada and Mexico. Expect to pay $27.50 for this plan.

The two other additional plans for the T-mobile Essential Unlimited 55+ builds off the basic package and add on additional features. Some of these features include Netflix subscriptions, and voice-to-text features. The plans can range widely from person to person as these plans are usually tailor made for your needs. T-mobile only has one senior plan as of writing but is better priced than most other competitors. Expect to pay $ $35-$45 for these expanded plans.


Pricing: Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan stats at $70/month.

Key Features: Unlimited talk and text, E-billing. Two lines.

Like T-Mobile, Sprint only has one senior plan available called the Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan. This plan is built similarly to the other but has many key features other basic plans do not offer. This plan offers unlimited talk and text, and e-billing options. The price includes two lines so you can have a plan for you and your spouse. The only drawback is that you must apply in store, as there are no online applications. You must be at least 55 years of age to apply.  Expect to pay $70 for this plan.


Pricing: Verizon 55+ Unlimited starts at $60/month.

Key Features: Only available to Florida Residents. Unlimited Talk and Text. Full coverage in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

The senior plan offered by Verizon is called the Verizon 55+ unlimited, but only for Florida residents. For those old enough to be eligible for this plan you get unlimited talk and text, and full coverage in the U.S, Mexico, and Canada. Though AT&T's plan is very similar, Verizon's version is the more affordable option, plus you get unlimited talk and text which the AT&T plan does not offer on a base package. Expect to pay $60 for this plan.


Pricing: $14.99/month of the basic plan from GreatCall. Extended plans start at $39.99/month.

Key Features: Emergency call dedication, 24/7 connection to emergency response units. 200 Minutes of talk. Option to designate a third party who can access the emergency units for you.

Designed to be an emergency call service for the elderly, Greatcall offers minimal features when viewed comparatively against other plans. The plan offers only a minimal 200 minutes but as it is an emergency device it is connected 24/7 to top emergency response units. Another key feature is the ability to add another person to the plan who can access response units on your behalf should you be unable to move or speak. A package with unlimited talk and text is available at a larger price but only ads those features. Expect to pay $ 14.99 for the lowest plan and $39.99 for the extended plan.

Consumer Cellular (CC)

Pricing: $20-37.50 based on region and add-ons.

Key Features: AARP Member restriction. Emergency plan. 250 minutes for emergency help.

As a specialized cell phone plan variant for seniors they offer multiple variations of their senior plan to help tailor it to your needs. You must be an AARP member to be able to apply. The basic emergency plan is the cheapest with 250 minutes to use as emergency help, and a more pricey plan that offers unlimited talk and text, but no other features. Expect to pay $20-37.50 for this plan.

Mint Mobile

Pricing: New Customer offer- $15/month for basic plans. $30/Month for Mint's Unlimited plan.

Key Features: Low Prices, Unlimited Talk and Text, Nationwide Coverage. 5G and 4G LTE Data. Total Data usage varies between plans (4GB, 10GB, 15GB, Unlimited)

Mint Mobile is one of the newest mobile phone service providers taking the market by storm. While they don't have dedicated senior phone plans, their low prices make them a top tier option. Mint Mobile keeps their prices low because they conduct their business entirely online. With no physical locations, they have much lower overhead, and they pass the savings on to you. Mint is a great option for those looking to get an affordable plan without paying exorbitant prices.


Pricing: Offers plans starting as low as $9.99/Month. Data can be added for 5$ per GB. Unlimited Data Plans cost more.

Key Features: Low Prices, Unlimited Talk and Text, Nationwide LTE and 5G Coverage. Data can be used as a hotspot.

Ting has a variety of low cost options that make them a competitive option against the larger household name phone providers. Ting has the absolute lowest base price on this list, with new customers getting a great deal to start their plans at $9.99 a month. While the $9.99/Mo plan does not come with unlimited data, you can easily add data at $5 per every GB you need. When it comes to flexibility at affordable rates, Ting cannot be beat.