Online Glasses Options

Convenient options for purchasing eyeglasses online are available now. Read about the best online glasses options available today.

Convenient options for purchasing eyeglasses online are available now. These options are available whether you need replacement or brand-new frames. Do you require prescription lenses? Online subscription services allow you to purchase what you need on a regular basis from the convenience of your own home.

Many online eyeglass services offer two-day delivery in addition to all other benefits and features. Online prices might save you multiple hundreds of dollars as well. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about the best online glasses options available today.

How Online Eyeglass Services work

Many consumers in need of new lenses or frames for their glasses believe their only option is to visit a physical store. This is not the case, however. Multiple online glasses options are available at excellent prices if you know how and where to find them. In fact, the pricing you find online is often significantly lower than what you would pay when purchasing lenses and/or frames through traditional methods. This is because many online glasses stores have no physical overhead. Because their expenses for running a business are lower, they are able to pass a portion of those savings onto their customers.

Purchasing glasses online involves many of the same aspects involved in purchasing glasses in a physical store. You need to choose the type and quality of glasses required to support your visual needs. These glasses must also fit your budget, as most eyeglass-related expenses are not covered by typical health insurance plans. Your glasses need to be comfortable as well. The store from which you purchase your new or replacement glasses should also offer convenient return policies, money-back guarantees, and excellent customer service.

The Eye Exam

One component standard to purchasing new eyeglasses is the administration of a preliminary eye and vision examination. Previously, receiving an eye examination was only possible through an in-person optometrist (when a prescription is necessary) or an optician working in an eyeglass store. An optometrist is an eye doctor capable of providing primary vision care. Such care includes the diagnosis, treatment, and management of vision issues in patients. An optician, on the other hand, is not permitted to write prescriptions for glasses, medications or otherwise. An optician is essentially a technician who is qualified to both design and fit eyeglass lenses/frames, contact lenses and other applicable eyesight correction devices. Opticians fill prescriptions written by optometrists or ophthalmologists, the latter of which is also capable of performing surgeries.

Online eye examinations are currently conducted in thirty-seven U.S. states. The expansion of telehealth services around the nation has contributed to a significant increase in online vision-based appointments in recent times. Online eye exam appointments offer time and money-saving conveniences to customers. Still, many optometrists recommended in-person appointments for your prescription eye examination even when purchasing your glasses or frames online. Telehealth appointments are highly effective and have been successfully integrated into the modern healthcare system. Certain procedures, such as (for example) x-rays must be conducted on-site, however. The condition of your vision is also a factor. If you have a newly developed or serious visual condition you might need to see an in-person optometrist or ophthalmologist. If your vision has not changed and you are simply renewing your current glasses prescription, an online eye examination might suit you just fine.

Buying Frames Online

Multiple options for buying new or replacement eyeglass frames online are available today. Modern technology has made this process not only convenient but also highly accurate. For example, many online glasses companies offer virtual try-on services. What is a virtual try-on service? A virtual try-on service requires a customer to record a short video of his or her face. Some services also allow for pictures from multiple angles to be provided instead of a video. Once a video or pictures are submitted, they are analyzed by the service provider’s computer system. Often a credit card, library card or other type of card placed against one’s forehead is asked to be included in the video/images to validate sizing accuracy. Once analyzed, the service provider is able to recommend the best frames for your face. Virtual try-on’s offer additional benefits as well. Customers are able to see various frame styles and colors in advance of purchasing just as they would when choosing frames in a physical store.

Buying Lenses Online

If you already have the perfect frames, you might only need to purchase new lenses. If you have prescription lenses you need to have a new prescription filled prior to making a purchase. If your lenses are not prescription and you know what strength you need, you have the option of purchasing new lenses anywhere online at your leisure. Different types of lenses available online today include:

Subscription Services and Pricing

Companies such as ILoveGlasses and multiple others are now offering online subscriptions for both new and replacement lenses and frames. Subscriptions are available for men’s, women’s, and children’s products alike. These subscriptions allow you to pay a fraction of the typical costs of lenses or frames when buying in-person. For example, full-rim, semi-rimless and rimless lens replacements cost as low as $29, $39, and $49 through ILoveGlasses today. EyeBuyDirect has square clear eyeglasses available from only $19. EyeBuyDirect is also known for its wide selection, multiple coating options and high-quality (albeit affordable) frames.

Liingo Eyewear is a recent addition to the online glasses market, which is fast-providing heavy competition for EyeBuyDirect and numerous other companies. How does Liingo Eyewear stand out from its competitors? This company offers free in-home trials for as many as five different frames per customer. Liingo Eyewear also offers a two-month refund policy, which is longer than many other online glasses companies offer today. Liingo’s prices are accordingly slightly higher than those offered by certain other companies as well. Many customers choose Liingo Eyewear for its trial and return flexibility in addition to quality products, however. Additional top companies offering online glasses subscriptions and other eyeglass services today include: