Oil Change Services & Deals

Oil change services are essential to a long lifespan and the safety of your vehicle. Read about the best oil change services and deals near you today.

Oil change services are essential to the lifespan and safety of your vehicle. Scheduling regular oil changes is important but it does not have to be expensive. Deals on the best oil change services near you are available now.

Options for both DIY and service-center oil changes are also available. Prices vary depending on the market in your area, oil type purchased and multiple other factors. Still, many oil change service providers offer discounts and deals on oil changes and other routine maintenance tasks. Read ahead to learn about the best oil change services and deals available near you today.

Oil Change 101

Each oil change performed helps extend the life of your vehicle. The oil in your vehicle needs to be clean. This is because the job or your motor oil is to clean and/or detoxify the moving, working components of your car. This is true whether you own a sedan, truck, van, SUV or motorcycle. Almost every component and system working in your vehicle needs clean oil to operate not only effectively - but safely.

This might not make sense until you take multiple factors into consideration. Your vehicle is driven in a wide variety of weather conditions. Your automobile is also driven on various types of surfaces including macadam, concrete, gravel, grass, stone and more. Dirt and debris from these surfaces and conditions accumulate in your motor oil each time you drive your automobile. Combine those with regular wear-and-tear and you might find your vehicle is sputtering, steering erratically or not wanting to start. Oil also dries up over time. If your oil supply completely evaporates your engine block will literally crack. When this happens your vehicle is considered totaled, which leads to either high repair and replacement bills or the need to buy a new vehicle altogether.

What Happens During an Oil Change?

If the composition of your motor oil degrades too far it will cease to function as needed. This results in hazardous conditions for your engine and other applicable vehicle parts and systems. Checking your oil levels and having your oil frequently changed are vital to keeping your car always running as best as possible.

What is included in an oil change? This depends on the service provider and the needs of your vehicle. Without question your oil level is checked and your oil is replaced and/or changed as needed. Every service provider will also recommend the best viscosity and brand of oil for your automobile as well. Numerous additional services are often also included during routine oil changes. For example, additional fluid levels are also commonly checked and replaced as needed. These fluids include transmission, power steering, antifreeze, and washer fluids. Fluids are not the only items checked and replaced as needed, however. Many service providers will also check tire pressure and lights during an oil change as well. Several other types of tasks commonly performed during an oil change service include:

  • Check and replace wiper blades.
  • Check and replace battery as needed.
  • Replace dried up, worn, or torn minor belts.
  • Check and change major belts (serpentine and timing belts) as needed.

Best Motor Oil for Your Car

To know what type of oil is best for your vehicle you must first understand what types are available. Oil is rated in a combination of numbers and letters. For example, 10W-30 is a common oil rating. Ratings are based on a further combination of:

  • Viscosity.
  • Weight.
  • Type.

The first number refers to how efficiently your oil flows at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The last number refers to the oil viscosity, or thickness, once it arrives at a temperature of two hundred-twelve degrees Fahrenheit. The letter in the middle stands for ‘winter.” Each automobile requires motor oil meeting certain specifications. This said, many makes and models of automobiles also require the same type of oil. Your owner’s manual will indicate the type of oil best suited for your car. If you cannot find or do not have your owner’s manual, talk to your service provider or a local auto parts store for accurate information. Some of the top brand name motor oils on the market today include:

Top Oil Change Providers

Several excellent choices are available when seeking an oil change provider in your area. Local garages perform oil changes. Many national automobile service-center chains also provide oil change services in your area today. Many of these top service centers are located inside your favorite retail stores such as Walmart and Sears.

Walmart Auto Care Centers offer oil changes, tire rotations and multiple other minor and major auto repair services. Walmart auto centers are conveniently located inside many Walmart locations around the country. This allows you to drop off your vehicle for an oil change and proceed with any shopping you must do while waiting. Walmart auto centers also offer competitive pricing on oil changes and run frequent promotional discounts and specials as well.

Sears Auto Services offers Conventional, MaxLife and Synthetic oil change options. The price for a Sears Conventional Oil Change service is $29.99 plus tax. Pricing on the MaxLife and Synthetic options vary based on the number and types of additional services added to the program. Sears is one of the best brand-name retailers in the nation and has been for multiple decades. If you are looking for a longstanding trusted and reliable location to have your vehicle’s oil changes, look no further than Sears Auto Services.

National Tire and Battery (NTB) provides top-quality automobile services for more than your vehicle’s battery and tires. NTB also provides high-end oil change services for all makes and models of automobiles. Conventional, high-mileage synthetic, full synthetic and diesel oil changes are all provided at NTB locations near you. Additional top oil change service providers today include:

Top Deals on Oil Changes Now

Typical oil changes cost between $20 to $100 (approximately) when you take your vehicle to a qualified service center. Online coupon-based websites such as Groupon, Valpak and Honey also provide discount codes and coupons for oil changes. Many oil change service centers offer direct deals via their websites when you book an oil change online or use online offer codes as a walk-in.

For example, Meineke is currently offering a $24.95 (plus tax) deal on its basic oil change service at select locations. NTB offers an even lower deal ($21.99 plus tax) on its conventional oil changes when you use the appropriate online code at select locations. Companies such as Jiffy Lube have an entire webpage dedicated to discounts on oil changes and additional services.

Service centers also offer discounts when you pair your oil change with other services. For example, some providers offer discounted oil changes when you also purchase a tune-up or battery replacement and installation. Others offer discounted prices during certain holidays or on specific days of each week.