Print & Copy Services

Online printing services are convenient ways to obtain the printed products you need fast. Learn about the best print and copy services available today.

Using an online printing service is a simple and convenient way to obtain the printed products you need fast. Perhaps you need wallet-size pictures or postcards. Wedding invitations, business cards and flyers are also available. Some consumers believe they do not have the artistic vision or skills to take advantage of print and copy services. Many services provide tutorials and online templates to help make even consumers with no creative experience look like professional artists. Some services even provide the option to work directly with in-house or third-party professional designers to improve your results even more. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about the best print and copy services available today.

Copy and Print Services 101

Copy and print services create various types of printed text or designs on professional looking foundations. These services are designed for both private consumers and businesses or organizations alike. Top benefits of using such as service include convenience, professional appearance and saving time. Additional benefits include providing customers with the quality of products they need but do not have the time or skills to create themselves. Copy and print businesses provide direct mail delivery and other types of customized mailing services.

Imprev Printer services are important to certain demographics of customers as well. What is an Imprev Printer? An Imprev Printer is integrated into a marketing or agency center to provide printing services pursuant to a statement of work (SOW) between two or more organizations (often governmental). Additional services provided by top copy and print companies today include:

  • Business card creation and printing.
  • General printing.
  • Binding.
  • Document sorting.
  • Addressing.
  • Designs.
  • DIY template builders.
  • One-on-one consultations and assistance from qualified employers or contractors.
  • Flyers.
  • Advertisements.
  • Greeting cards.
  • Postcards.
  • Marketing and promotions (credit card offers, local events/announcements, political campaign messages, etc.).

Top Print and Copy Services - Detailed Comparisons

Multiple options for high-quality print and copy services are available now. Some of these companies specialize in services for individual consumers. Others specialize in servicing business needs or applicable needs for various types of organizations. Some offer services for both.

Below are two lists. One list focuses on services provided for individuals. The second list features services provided for business customers.

Copy and Print Services for Individuals

Vistaprint is a popular choice for consumers nationwide. Vistaprint services include an easy-to-use streamlined process, which makes is simple for customers to create and print a wide variety of products. Vistaprint is also one of the most affordable options for print and copy services available as well. One Vistaprint limitation is the average three-day waiting period before most orders ship. Still, with the benefits listed above combined with proprietary free sample kits (shows potential results in advance), Vistaprint is one of the top options for:

  • Business cards.
  • Magnets.
  • Clothing.
  • Banners
  • Posters.
  • Websites.
  • Mugs.

Additionally, Vistaprint consistently offers discounts and promotions. Free shipping is not commonly offered outside these promotions. Many of the promotions include free shipping in addition to reduced prices, however (essentially serving the same purpose for you). Affordability combined with quality is key for most individual customers. A box of 500 business cards on 14-point cardstock costs as low as $22 through Vistaprint. 250 tri-fold brochures printed on standard glossy paper cost only $165.74 as well (approximately).

- Zazzle

Zazzle specializes in business cards, buttons, holiday cards, planners and more. In fact, Zazzle even provides design and print services for yoga mats. The company website is inviting, colored with soft cool hues and provides easy-to-follow prompts. Prices vary per item and number of items per purchase. Prices also vary based on customization and additional service features. Zazzle also lets you sell you products through their website, which is an excellent feature for people with design skills and strong ideas. Additionally, the company frequently offers 50% discounts on certain products and services all year long.

- GotPrint

GotPrint is perhaps the most affordable option available for online print and copy services today. GotPrint provides a free sample kit of its products in exchange for your email address. Business card packages start at only $7.50 and custom mugs at just $5.96 each. GotPrint also offers a wide array of products to fulfill almost every need and complete customer ideas. Additional top sources for individual print and copy needs include:

  • Minted (best for wedding materials).
  • CanvasPop (best for canvas print jobs).
  • Snapfish (best for printing photographs).

Services for Businesses or Organizations

Vistaprint also provides business services for small or new business owners looking to establish their brand by using excellent visuals and physical marketing items. In addition to business cards and other printed paper products, Vistaprint also offers logo design, logo making and direct mailing services. Log design jobs are turned around in two business days and start at $90. Printed product design and the proprietary DesignLive services start at only $5 each. The Logo Maker feature is free to use and free for printing. Downloads of your designs cost only $20, however.

- Zazzle for Businesses

On the professional side of Zazzle’s features, you will find multiple print-and-copy options for businesses of various sizes. Zazzle helps you design customized facemasks for protection against COVID-19 and other illnesses and harmful bacteria. The company also offers customized leatherworks, aprons (for food and/or salon workers), front door or banner displays and more. The best aspect pursuant to Zazzle for Business services might be the sizable discounts it offers to business customers purchasing in bulk.

- Moo

If you are in the market for impactful creative business cards, then you need look no further than Moo. Moo receives an average of 4.5-star reviews from its customers online. The company also guarantees positive results from its products. Business Boost, Business Advanced, Reseller and Exclusive Products plans are available. Pricing for all plans is only available via direct quote when you contact Moo, however. Specific benefits of using Moo for your print and copy needs include:

  • Next-day delivery on orders placed before 2PM Mon-Fr (EST).
  • Different designs on the backside of each card or sticker - for free.
  • Additional perks available for business customers only.

Vistaprint, Zazzle and Moo are three top sources for your business-related copy and printing needs. They are not the lone options, however. Additional top companies providing copy and print services for businesses today include:

  • Office Depot/OfficeMax (best for brand recognition, guarantees and reliability).
  • FedEx Store (high-quality commercial printing services).
  • Staples (best for multiple professional-looking options and fast turnaround times).
  • Shutterfly (best for business poster printing).