Find Quality Career Coaching

Professional coaches are specialized individuals who work with higher ranking employees, typically managers and executives. Professional coaches, sometimes referred to as executive coaches, act as trainers.

The goal of an executive coach is to bring out your potential, not solve your problems for you. You can expect your coach to ask questions, provide advice and clarify your goals, but he or she will not do your job for you. It may seem like your boss does not have faith in you if he or she hires a coach, but bringing in a coach is not a sign of a bad employee. Many companies view training managers and executives as an investment, helping you develop and hone your skills because they want you to take additional responsibilities.

Each coach has a different method for training. Some are more direct, shadowing you in the workplace and offering comments throughout your work day. Others prefer to meet with you at set times to discuss how things are going, but otherwise only interfere if you ask for advice.

Working with an Executive Coach

How long you work with an executive coach varies based on your job and the amount of training you need. On average, coaching lasts between seven to 12 months. Executive coaches commonly use a goal-oriented system. Some goals are specific, such as completing a certain number of projects or recruiting new clients. Other goals are more abstract, such as developing your leadership skills.

Everything you say to your coach is confidential. Your coach may be required to give updates to your managers, but this only includes general milestones and progress reports. With your permission, your coach can share additional information.

The majority of coaching takes place in person, though there are some circumstances where it may be done virtually. Because of covid-19, this is becoming more common in 2021, with coaches relying on video chat to meet with clients.

Hiring an executive coach is an expensive process, which is one of the reasons companies only do it for managers and executives. On average, executive coaches charge $89 to $150 an hour. Coaches who do not charge on an hourly basis will charge per month instead. These coaches traditionally require a minimum of six months.

Finding an Executive Coach

In most cases, you are not required to find a professional coach.  Some companies hire former employees or consultants as coaches. Otherwise, they rely on word of mouth to find an independent coach. There are several agencies devoted to professional coaching, including the Center for Creative Leadership, Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation. Finally, there are professional coaching agencies.

The Muse:

The Muse is one of the largest coaching services available. Coaching is separated into three levels, mentor, coach and master coach. Each level offers a different level of involvement. Mentors offer minimal assistance, while master coaches are directly involved in training an employee. The Muse has a number of search filters, allowing you to find coaches based on industry, experience and cost. Unlike other professional coaching services, the Muse does not recommend a coach, giving clients the opportunity to choose whoever they feel is best. While some clients appreciate this freedom, others find the amount of freedom overwhelming.

Coaching 4 Good:

Coaching 4 Good was previously known as Wolfgang Career Coaching. They offer some of the most extensive coaching services available. There are separate coaches based on your position, including options for executives, management and higher ranked leadership positions. They are also one of the few coaching companies that cater towards general employees. Coaching 4 Good places a greater emphasis on career counseling. They also provide free consultations to new clients, giving them a chance to assess their clients needs and recommend an appropriate coach. Because they are in high demand and often commit to longer assignments, it can sometimes be difficult to schedule an appointment.

Action Coach:

Action Coach primarily focuses on training entrepreneurs, but they work with all levels of management as well. They are one of the older professional coaching services in business. Clients must initially complete a questionnaire to determine their overall goals. After completing the questionnaire, Action Coach provides a potential coach. Before agreeing to hire a coach, you can sign up for a free coaching session to determine whether the coach is a good fit for your goals. The company is so confident in their coaches, they allow clients to refund their services within the first four months.

A Path That Fits:

While the majority of professional coaches work one on one with clients, A Path That Fits is one of the few coaching services offering group options. In terms of experience, A Path That Fits has strict requirements. All employees must have at least 10 years of experience in their chosen field. Additionally, the company provides money-back guarantee for group coaching sessions. While the company works with clients throughout the United States, in person coaching is only available if you live in San Francisco.